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Dirty Greeks

A very interesting documentary from Reporters without Borders about Greek immigration to the USA and the discrimination, racism and hatred directed at the Greek community. Many defenders of Golden Dawn and their type say that they were welcomed in America. They were not. They faced all kinds of discrimination not least, as one man says in the film, the word “Greek” was never said without being preceded by the word “dirty”.


  1. Bla
    August 30, 2013    

    ok and this implies what?
    it implies to me that we need a safe place to call our own home since we were discriminated in Muslim dominated Ottoman Empire (even though Greeks were natives of much of that empire).
    and since if these multicultural experiments like the Ottoman Empire will fail or result in domination of smaller groups by bigger groups etc. all the more reason we need our own state where we are dominate because Anglo countries are not safe, Muslims are not safe for us.

  2. Bla
    August 30, 2013    

    this certainly does not translate into now you guys should let the x millions of non-Greeks into Greece or your hypocrites or whatever your trying to say by this. Greece is a small country with a long history not America , Australia etc. 70x the size and economy of Greece you can not compare apples with vegetables. Greece can NOT accept these millions who are here illegally and are culturally dissimilar. Can Not its too many and they are not absorbable and we do not have the economy for them anyway. BTW why not lay the guilt trip at the US and UK embassy since it is they that bomb the hell out of the middle east and drive these people to leave and then refuse to lift the dublin 2 restrictions and take their fair share……SILENCE from the British lady

  3. August 30, 2013    

    SILENCE from the British lady

    lol. I got your comment 17 minutes ago to be exact. Give me some credit! I answer most comments that come to my site often personally. Anyway…

    No. It does not imply to me that Greece needs to make a “safe” homeland, free of Muslims!

    It implies that Greeks of all people in Europe should be sympathetic to the plight of immigrants. No, I’m not saying open the borders and

    let the x millions of non-Greeks into Greece

    I am saying have a proper HUMANE immigration procedure. Work on having an actual asylum process. Work on integrating immigrants that are here legally and properly. Work on a process of identifying those that have legitimate claims to be here and deal with those that don’t HUMANELY and properly. This is what Greece is given MILLIONS of Euros for. Currently, and in the past. That money is being stolen, squandered and spent on other things.

    Yes, the US and the UK must take responsibility for their actions around the world. And the French and Portuguese etc who were colonial powers. And the Dublin agreement needs to be scrapped/changed. I’ve said this before.

    BUT, there are currently people here in Greece that should not be being treated in the way that they are at the moment. Locked up, hardly being fed and treated like criminals.

    There you go….an answer from the “British lady”

  4. Bla
    August 30, 2013    

    Well ok then

  5. Chuck Norris
    August 31, 2013    

    The sad part is that most Greek people who have watched the “dirty greeks” video are probably nice people who know better. We need to make this video mandatory at all Greek schools starting in middle school or high school to remind them that they too were in this plight and should have some compassion for the Pakistani and Albanian immigrants in Greece. Maybe if more people in Greece realized they too were considered like this as 2nd class citizens in the USA, they would be more sympathetic. I hope they don’t make the mistakes that other western countries like the USA made.