The only thing necessary for the persistence of evil is for enough good people to do nothing

Golden Dawn in the News

Golden Dawn “MP” Antonis Gregos has had his gun license revoked and another, Giorgos Germenis, will possibly lose his. The former was involved in an incident at the international airport where his gun went off accidentally. He had not taken care or bothered to unload it when he handed it in before boarding a flight. Germenis might lose his over an incident involving the mayor of Athens. He allegedly reached for his gun after the mayor had stopped the Golden Dawn Greeks only “food drive”.


Two down, sixteen to go.

Can these hotheaded fools be allowed to walk around with weapons? One of their “MPs” even tried to take his gun into the parliament building. Nothing will happen of course. Their trials will be postponed indefinitely or they will be acquitted as other violent members of their “party” have been in the past.



In other news, the leader of Golden Dawn has announced that the swaggering Ilias Kasidiaris (above), spokesman for the “party”, who assaulted two women on TV, will be running in next years municipal elections. Yes, the man with the large swastika on his arm who also denies the Holocaust, could end up being mayor of Athens.

Can you imagine that?

It’s insane.

What will be the reaction of the rest of Europe?

Does the rest of Europe even care?

Is the rest of the world really going to sit by and watch this Nazi takeover happen?

It seems so.

May 2014 might very well mark the end of democracy (whatever that means these days) in Greece.





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