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Golden Dawn: Not Welcome Here

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This space is open for discussion. I have had many over the years with decent people who disagree completely with me on many issues. I have argued with them in the same way as one argues with friends. With respect and an open mind. Many of them have made me think. Re-evaluate some of my opinions on things. Pointed out flaws in my arguments. After such discussions, I feel better. Better as a person. I have been listened to and respected and I have done the same.

The internet has always had a dark place. For all the wonderful things it offers us, some of us choose to use it for harm and hatred. As a place to vent their negativity, anger, helplessness and rage. A place where they can be hidden away but visible and vocal.

With the massive rise of Golden Dawn in the past couple of years (don’t forget they were considered a ridiculous cult of neo-Nazis not so long ago with less than 1% support), there has been a hysterical rise in hate filled “discussions” around the internet on anything to do with Greece especially if it involves immigrants, gays, Jews, Muslims or perceived “leftie” ideas like supporting the vulnerable or healthcare for all. It’s deeply distressing and deeply sad.

I do try and say my bit. Speak up against the bile that surfaces but there’s no point. You cannot discuss anything with a Nazi. They just shout louder and longer and more persistently than you or I ever could (or have the time for).

I can however, keep this forum free of Nazis, their supporters and sympathisers. I will also keep it free from people who make excuses for them and from people who try to (patronizingly) explain why they have gained popularity and support.

So… To Mr Shouty (who writes entirely in capital letters)… You may not comment here. I know for a fact that you have other forums you rant on because I’ve read your “writing”. Stick to those places. You are not welcome here.

To Mr Admirer of Man with Swastika Tattoo… Go and drool over your leader somewhere else. You are not welcome here.

To Mr Golden Dawn Apologist… You will never “convince” me that Golden Dawn are not Nazis. They are. The proof is out there for all to see in their material admiring Hitler and Goebbels, in their Nazi salutes, in their Nazi tattoos, in their speeches and in their actions. You are not welcome here.

To anyone else who wants to creep over here and rant about Golden Dawn saving Greece. Give it a rest. You are not welcome here.


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  1. Expat
    August 22, 2013    


    I remember these clowns marching in Ommonia, I was about 15 (1988) and my friends were laughing and pointing at them. Never in a million years did I ever think that they would ever be anything more than a side show.

    But we have to take into account, that these scumbags have received over a million votes.

    So, the real question is: WHY are they getting votes, and how can we vote them out??

  2. Angela
    August 23, 2013    

    The only way to be rid of them at least in parliament, is to stop voting for them. Most people are totally dense that reciting cliches heard on tv and in the media are only the opinions of those who gain from our ignorance. Half-truths and lies are fused together giving the impression reporters have pull in parliament. When we realize we’re being fooled, it’s too late but it’s like a drug to them, suckered into a screen or newspaper. Those with a long history of right-wing voting, feign optimism reckoning they offer majority votes to strengthen the current government. A very large chunk of the population doesn’t even vote since corruption hasn’t diminished. Health and Education is becoming scarce. Public services still offer a variety of red-tape run-arounds and legal justice is a little fuzzy and very rough around the edges, no wonder there’s absolutely no faith in politicians. Also, why does Europe send tax-payers’ money here knowing very well it’s being mishandled and pocketed as in the case of refugees tortured at those so-called welcoming centres. Once a thief, always a thief…. so who gains from this and why is it in their interest to disregard and flush human rights down the drain? Why must we be spectators of our fellow-man being reduced to jobless and homeless?

    If this is this government’s way of strengthening even more by allowing the splintering off of extreme right-wing violence, then there’s no comparison between deadly premeditated attacks against the weakest with the smashing of a few marble benches. I find left-wing behaviour to this democratic travesty as quite mild and sedated. No real leadership exists. This must be the beginning of the era of the illiterate and the stupid.

    If there’s a word describing the way we’ve been governed and those who vote for them, it’s arteriosclerotic.

  3. Expat
    August 23, 2013    

    Angela, you are incredibly articulate! Well done :)

  4. DD fan for years
    August 23, 2013    

    One way you can find some joy is to watch Radio Arvilla where they make fun of their leader and his hand raising speeches. They have about 20 different versions of this speech where he is asking about Souvlaki, Superman, Mosquitos etc. really funny how they portray him as a buffoon. Just google radio arvilla and the Leander’s name and have a laugh at these losers. By the way, one wa to stop negative comments is to require your commenters to log in and then you have more of a paper trail so to speak.

  5. deviousdiva
    August 23, 2013    

    Hi Expat, Welcome to my site. Yes, I remember that too and I am still flabbergasted at how such a ridiculous group could ever have got so many votes. My only solution for fighting against Golden Dawn is to inform people as much as I possibly can about their agenda and activities. They are spreading so many lies, it’s hard to keep up but we must try.

    They are getting support because they lie and distort. They have given people easy targets for their frustrations; immigrants, Jews and lefties. Many people who voted for them, don’t even know they are Nazis. To them, they came along with a scapegoat for all the ills affecting Greece and a solution.

    I hope you will keep reading.

  6. deviousdiva
    August 23, 2013    

    Hi Angela, Thanks for coming over here and taking the time to comment. You are absolutely right in everything you say. We, who care about our fellow human beings, must support efforts to combat their lies and deception. So I thank everyone who has taken the time to come over to this site and shared some of the information here.

  7. deviousdiva
    August 23, 2013    

    Hi DD fan, Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I have to admit, I blushed at your nickname :)

    I’m a big fan of Radio Arvilla. It seems to me that they are the only ones who are making a serious effort (through comedy which is sometimes the best way) to connect with people and point out some real truths about Golden Dawn. Their fuhrer, I mean leader, is a buffoon so it’s hilarious the way they are simply highlighting what is already plain for many to see.

    All comments here come to my email so I have IP addresses of everyone who sends anything whether it gets onto the site or not. First time comments go straight to moderation so what people sometimes do (and this shows how determined they are) is write something neutral to get a comment through and then flood the site with their hatred. But I have them all logged anyway. In the case of threatening behaviour and/or hate speech, they can be used in court (if and when it comes to that). These people tried to chase me off my own site several years ago but I am no longer scared of them. They cannot be allowed to silence the voices of decent people.

  8. galazio
    September 28, 2013    

    Great to find this site by chance, when trying to update myself on the latest re. CA.

    For the last six years I have lived as a permanent resident on a small Greek island. At the last elections, I was horrified and baffled to discover that there was a high level of support for CA among friends and neighbours that I had taken to be moderate and rational people. There were 85 recorded votes for them from a village population of only 1000!

    Since then, I have tried to keep abreast of the Greek political situation and to understand better the culture which breeds such ideaology. To see your site headed ‘This is not my Country’, made my heart soar. Thank you.

  9. deviousdiva
    September 28, 2013    

    Thank you galazio and welcome to my site. I’m glad you found me and my little corner of the internet. Please feel free to comment on any articles and join my facebook page etc (links in the sidebar). You can also subscribe to get updates in your inbox. Again, thank you and welcome.