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Golden Dawn Donation Rejected

brown bears in greece

Golden Dawn, the neo-Nazi party of Greece, tried to donate money to the environmental group, Arcturos set up to rescue bears in the country. After initially accepting the 5,000 euro donation, the group decided to hand it back after an outcry from supporters of the organisation. Golden Dawn had boasted on their website about the money and their leaders “love of animals”

In a statement, Arcturos said

after the reactions and discussions prompted by the donation from the Golden Dawn party, the organization recognizes that accepting it was a mistake and for that reason rejects the donation and is returning the money

Via To Vima


Yes, it was a mistake. I am not sure how it came about. Perhaps they made the donation anonymously and people only realised who it was from after they boasted about it on their hate filled website. I don’t know but I am glad that the decision was made to hand the money back. Money that comes from hatred and violence is tainted and cannot be used to support a cause, no matter how noble.

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