The only thing necessary for the persistence of evil is for enough good people to do nothing

Golden Dawn’s Racist Leader

I feel like I keep stating the obvious over and over but not really being heard or being told I’m wrong or paranoid or exaggerating. Golden Dawn IS a RACIST, XENOPHOBIC, HOMOPHOBIC, ANTI-SEMITIC, ANTI-MUSLIM, ANTI-DEMOCRATIC, VIOLENT “party” who do not care about anyone’s rights. Not yours, not mine, no-ones. They don’t care how many lawsuits are brought against them because they know the Greek justice system cannot make anything stick. They WANT to be “the bad boys of Europe”. This makes them popular with the people they want to attract. They don’t pretend to be nice people because they don’t have to. No-one is taking them to court and charging with the criminal acts they have committed and those that have been charged, get off. Their “MP’s”, no less, have been seen assaulting women on TV, smashing up immigrant’s stalls in markets and illegally demanding to see IDs, closing down plays with homophobic racist rants on camera, urinating on a TV station door in protest for showing Turkish soap operas, taking guns into parliament, attempting to pull a gun on the Mayor of Athens, wearing Nazi insignia and having “sieg heil” tattoos, being in a band whose best known track is titled “Speak Greek or Die”, doing Nazi salutes etc etc etc. (for more details on all this, please see this post)

Their leader, Nikos Michaloliakos, has achieved nothing in his pathetic life and has spent most of his “political career” as a sad little nazi screaming hatred of everything to a little band of ignorant followers (in previous elections their highest score was 0.11 percent. He openly denies the holocaust, was arrested and imprisoned for carrying guns and explosives and caused an uproar when he made it to the Athens City Council by making a nazi salute.

The latest racist “gaffe” from Michaloliakos comes as no surprise to those of us with our eyes and ears open. It’s just another example of the endless hatred this man can spew. The freshest basketball sensation coming out of Greece is a 17 year old who was picked in the NBA draft the other day. When he heard he had been picked, he waved the Greek flag in jubilant celebration. There is nothing noteworthy about that image until you realise that Giannis Adetokunbo is of Nigerian background. He was born in Greece and has Greek citizenship (There are other issues there that I will cover in another post) but that is not enough for Golden Dawn. The ever stupid and hateful Michaloliakos commented on the incident in a way only he and his racist friends could think up:

if you give a banana or a flag to a chimpanzee, it will lift it up

He also wasn’t shy about what he thought of the NBA picking a Greek athlete:

He replied by asking people to pronounce his surname and saying:

If you can pronounce it, then you can call him a Greek

Well done Michaloliakos. You have managed to shame all of Greece with your despicable comments, this time to the NBA and the millions of fans of the game all over the world and all those who are thrilled to have a new Greek star. I just wish (and I will keep shouting about this “party” until they end up behind bars where they belong), that people would wake up and see and hear what is right in front of them. This is not investigative reporting. This is what they do and say in public on TV and radio.


To most normal people, he does not seem like the kind of person you want running a bar, let alone running a political party. He spits hatred and bile wherever he goes, blaming immigrants for all of Greece’s problems and calling people to vote for him “to get rid of the filth”. I no longer care why people voted for him and his “party”. We all know the reasons why. But it’s time to STOP!!!

This man is dangerous. His “party” is dangerous. They are only capable of hatred and violence. People have to wake up and realise that their “protest vote” is not a vote against the mainstream parties anymore. It’s a vote FOR an unstable bunch of thugs who are causing extreme embarrassment to Greece in the rest of the world, are responsible for a massive surge in racist violence in Greece and who will do far worse if they are allowed to.

Stop voting for them.
Stop admiring their illegal publicity seeking “charity” events.
Stop swallowing their “Greece is being invaded” lies.

The biggest danger in Greece and indeed, in Europe, at the moment is right in front of you spouting hatred and doing Nazi salutes.



  1. Guest (xenos)
    July 5, 2013    

    The morality of Greece was always determined by expediency. Orthodoxy has this as a common thread, so you find it in Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Russia… What it means is that they have no fixed values; this contrasts with Islam, Catholicism and Protestantism to mention just the European main religions.

    The end result is that Greeks go where they can smell money. It is a terrible thing to say, but the evidence is clear. They have this in common with Americans, who profess a wide range of absurd religions but in fact the main religion is money.

  2. deviousdiva
    July 6, 2013    

    @ignorant golden dawn supporter
    I will not post your comment as I do not allow friends, members, supporters or admirers of nazis to comment on this site. I am very glad you’re not Greek so cannot vote for them. I hope you manage, one day, to achieve something positive in your hate-filled life. The chances are that you wont though unless you can rise above your mis-guided rage. Good luck with that.

  3. Bla
    July 7, 2013    

    wow can u imagine saying the things xenos says greeks being said about his tribe (jews) and u let him say it. hypocrisy knows no ends lets be anti nazi by being anti greek btw xenos exactly which countries still practice slavery muslims ones do and Brazil a big slave colony many years ago was Catholic America historically majority protestant.

    Xenos= Jew hypcorite

    for letting him say these hatefilled things diva is an English/Black hypocrite.

    Morality is determined by expediency especially by the tribe… mass immigration into white countries is always championed by the tribe but there desert state can be a nationalist ethno religio state.

    Morality is determined by expediency in Africa and Germany and Japan and England and everyhwere else

    In Germany they speak potlitically correct things but in real life they segregate themselves from nonGermans living among them.

    So much for your Protestant and Catholic Holyness

    BTW IN ITaly they beat up blacks Catholic Italy..

    So go to hell Xenos and Diva.

    And that was a publicity stunt he is not Greek he is a Black Nigerian.

    And there is nothing wrong or evill about being Black or Nigerian.

  4. Guest (xenos)
    July 7, 2013    

    @Bla; you are talking out of your arse. I am not Jewish, so how is this “my tribe” any more than it is the origin of all Christians, including Orthodox Greeks? Moreover, you need to make a distinction between what ordinary people are like (eg in Catholic countries) and how the rich and powerful behave.

    As far as what I said about Greek morality is concerned, I stated that it was a terrible thing for me to say. However, I think it is the truth – that Greeks are completely lacking any morality. I do agree though that morality is collapsing across Europe, as people’s minds have been filled with the hate and selfishness of neoliberal political propaganda (courtesy of the USA) and more recently by actual financial pressures. Contemporary Greeks have my sympathy and help, but this does not alter the fact that they behaved very badly in better times. Nor is it an excuse for supporting a Nazi party, which offers nothing but hate and vile thoughts and deeds.

  5. Bla
    July 7, 2013    

    Who is nazi? so a mintority vote for GD and now everybody is a golden dawn person?
    thats crazy..

    Many people did not bother to vote and then minus that from the total they got 7% of voters.

    so its even less than 7%

    and of the ones who did vote for them, the majority did it for many reasons some as a protest vote and others cause they feel they are more serious about tackling public security issues that mass uncontrolled immigration obviously causes not because they have nasty opinions about foreigners in general.

    In any case you are right this socialism for the banks and the rich , and fend for yourself to the rest philosophy is to blame for much of the problems in the world.

  6. maria d yorgakopoulou
    July 8, 2013    

    Dear DD,
    Hope all is better. Thanks for keeping up blog. My comments remain the same :given the bloody history in Greece, and no S African style reconciliation, all this is inevitable. What will change this is the reversal of the Memorandum, the ousting of this govt which welcomed Laos, otherwise things can get very bad, very fast(read Seferis biography). That is the sad bloody history of this country. Wishing you well

  7. NBA Fan
    July 10, 2013    

    Has the NBA our USA picked up on this comment by the Golden Dawn leader? If the main stream media in the US picks up on it, it could be something positive to get more people to know these GD people’s mean spirited, and racist views.

  8. deviousdiva
    July 15, 2013    

    The Greek Basketball Federation picked up on it and condemned the comment. As far as I know, the NBA made no comment.