The only thing necessary for the persistence of evil is for enough good people to do nothing

Immigration Mathematics


  1. Bla
    June 7, 2013    

    Great tell that to the English to keep the immigrants coming the historic native English are becoming a minority. Tell that to the Israelis who keep out non-Jews.

    then maybe we will listen

  2. deviousdiva
    June 7, 2013    

    This video was made by a woman in the UK, directed at people in the UK who go on about how immigrants are taking over etc etc. The “white people are becoming a minority” argument is a well known fear-inducing line used by neo-nazis and white power groups. It’s a nonsense and, as your nickname suggests, is just “bla”. As to Israel, I disagree with their policy on non-jews and condemn their deportations of thousands of people of colour. Does Greece really want to compare itself to Israel? It’s like people quoting stuff about Japan and pointing it out as an example of keeping out foreigners. Saying “we’re not as bad as they are” or “Japan does it so why can’t we?”. Do you want Greece compared to Japan? Or to Saudi Arabia? Or to countries that don’t allow Christians to build churches? Really ?

  3. Guest
    June 7, 2013    

    The Israelis do not keep out non-Jews. They have massive semi-legal/ illegal immigration of non-Jewish workers, following a policy much like most of the Middle East. What you may have heard about is that they have refused to give asylum status to refugees.

    Basically, Israel does behave as Greece tries to behave with immigrants — the big difference being that Greece is forced to accept both EU laws and the rulings of the European Court of Human Rights on how to treat its immigrants.

    To answer DD: I think Greeks are quite happy to compare themselves with countries which possess no human rights. They do not care about the consequences of such choices, and simply look for excuses to behave like pieces of excrement.

  4. Bla
    June 8, 2013    

    oh so then you admit that Israel and its supporters who hypocritically (like the WJC and AJC, etc) cry about the golden dawn are pieces of excrement …thank you.

    so, you see when you quote WJC/AJC etc. crying about holocaust denial extremism or whatever and then basically they support Israel doing the same or worse you see we Greeks do not want to care about what they have to say or their analysis.

    Are Japanese , Israelis pieces of excrement? well then I guess your idea of excrement…..
    (your scatological references reveal your heritage by the way, sammy or is it moises?)
    is anybody who does not want to be made a minority in their own homeland and go along with the new world order of no borders and big businesses running the world and banks owning the nations natural resources.

  5. deviousdiva
    June 8, 2013    

    What kind of bla bla are you spouting now? The Holocaust denial issue is not the property of the WJC or the AJC. Holocaust denial is an issue for all those who never want to forget what happened in our fairly recent past. We must remember and study the events that led to the millions of deaths. It wasn’t only Jews who were murdered. You do know that don’t you? I, and hundreds of thousands of people, are not members of any Jewish organisation and we are not Jewish ourselves. Does that mean our arguments against extremism dont count? Are we not allowed to decry Golden Dawn? If I am anti-fascist what does that mean to you? That I have to be affiliated to some group or that I have to comment on everything other country in the world each time I mention Greece? What’s so special about Greece that it cannot be picked out for its appalling human rights record? And please don’t start on the “this country is worse than ours” argument. It’s childish. Just because other countries have appalling human rights records, or don’t allow people to worship freely or restrict people’s freedoms, it does not follow that Greece should be allowed to do the same. Fascism/extremism/racism/sexism/anti-semitism would be fought against everywhere…why not start here?

  6. Guest
    June 8, 2013    

    No borders? Big business? Banks? I don’t know why anyone would think that I (or any other anti-racists) support such things. I do support more open borders, more human rights, and states that are held accountable both politically and through the law.

    As far as my comment about how Greeks want to behave is concerned, I advise you to take it at face value. It has nothing to do with anything else. Nor, since there is no such thing as a “pure” Greek does the policy on Greek citizenship make sense to anyone other than racists. Modern Greeks are a hybrid of many of the old world races, and are much the better for it. This does not mean that Greece should be over-run by people with no relations to the country and no work; nor does it mean that they should be excluded. The point is that the country and the economy should be put back into shape and the vile hatred of Golden Dawn excised from the culture.