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Thug Politics

Austerity measures are biting harder than ever in Greece, with people losing their homes and jobs and becoming more and more desperate.

And they’re turning in increasing numbers to the far right Golden Dawn party, which lays the country’s troubles firmly at the feet of immigrants and Greek politicians.

Evan Williams reports from Athens on the party’s rise to become the third biggest force in Greek politics, but also the stark similarities with the German Nazis.

As well as winning seats in parliament, they’ve also started handing out food aid and donating blood… but only to people who can prove their Greek citizenship.

But what some find more disturbing is their vigilante action on the streets… Evan looks at evidence of supporters taking the law into their own hands to attack and persecute immigrants.

Golden Dawn members have even entered hospitals demanding that staff prove they’re Greek.

Now, the party says its international support is growing and it even wants to open an office in Australia.

Via SBS Dateline

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