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Golden Dawn and Guns

Panayiotaros gun


This is the Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) “MP”, Ilias Panagiotaros captured on the  SBS news documentary “Dateline” programme  with a handgun visable in his trousers pocket. This is the same guy who screamed vicious violent abuse outside the theatre where the Terence McNally play “Corpus Christi” was closed down by his neo-nazi party and religious zealots. He is captured on film shouting

Wrap it up you little faggots. Yes, just keep staring at me you little hooker. Your time is up. You Albanian assholes

Watch the video here if you need proof (WARNING: It’s vile).

And here he is again…

New Democracy MP Fotini Pipili criticised Golden Dawn MP Panayiotis Iliopoulos – who was evicted from parliament on Friday after an outburst against Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras – for carrying a gun and said that she feared one of the party’s members would open fire in the chamber.


Golden Dawn “MP” Giorgos Germenis reached for his gun when he attacked the Athens mayor Kaminis after he successfully put a stop to their illegal racist Greek only food handout in Syntagma Square.

An unnamed Golden Dawn “MP” was asked to store his gun as he was driving into the parking area at the parliament building. The gun was visible on the passenger seat.

I prefer to get someone first, before they get me

he is reported to have replied before driving on.

This week, another Golden Dawn “MP” Antonis Gregos is involved in a frightening incident with a gun. His went off inside the Athens International airport when he handed it in, supposedly not loaded. There was still a bullet in the chamber and it fired and went into the floor. He was carrying a gun but obviously did not know how it worked.

There is now a panic debate about the stability of the people in the government who are licensed to carry guns.

A police official told the Associated Press that authorities will now re-examine all politicians’ gun permits to see why they were initially issued, what security concerns were cited and whether they are valid.

“They will also check whether the necessary psychiatric documentation has been submitted,” the official said on condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to talk to the media on the record. “And obviously the behavior of each lawmaker will play a part — that is whether they were involved in incidents where they threatened to use a gun or made intimidating moves.”

The incident follows a heated debate over gun-packing politicians, which prompted Parliament to forbid its members to enter the building armed.

“You can’t have lawmakers who are loony, fascists, populists or idiots walking through (Parliament) with guns,” conservative member of Parliament Fotini Pipili argued before the ban was imposed.

Via the Washington Post

It is only a matter of time before there is a serious incident involving Golden Dawn and their guns. Not that the above are not already serious incidents as far as I am concerned. How can there be a healthy democracy when MPs are afraid of each other? When they fear they could be shot?

The Socialist Pasok party, a minority partner in Greece’s conservative-led governing coalition, said it was a matter of luck that nobody was injured in Thursday’s incident.

“Golden Dawn’s guns have their safety catches off and are ready to shoot anyone,” a party statement said.

Via the Washington Post

Stop them before it’s too late…



  1. Giorgio
    June 3, 2013    

    governments love gun control as do criminals if criminals dont have licenses do u really think that that will stop them from getting one?

    especially in this environment i would think you would want the right to defend yourself?

  2. Guest
    June 3, 2013    

    That is not the point at all, Giorgo. If it is a criminal offence to possess a gun without licence, then we know who is a criminal. The problem here is that Nazi thugs are automatically allowed to carry guns through their election to parliament.

    As far as the right to defend yourself is concerned, we can see easily how that works out. Just look at the USA and its excellent record of “self defence” with guns for all. Only an idiot would suggest that the right to carry a gun is a good idea.

  3. Gio
    June 5, 2013    

    I am offended. It s a proven fact that gun violence is higher in states where there is gun control.
    Criminals will gets guns regardless. these laws only punish ordinary citizens from being able to defend themselves from tyrannical governments and thugs golden dawn or otherwise.

  4. deviousdiva
    June 5, 2013    

    I think you’ll find that gun violence is higher in the US because there are more people with guns, Gio. Stands to reason doesn’t it? It has long been suspected that you have more chance of being shot and killed by a firearm if you actually carry one than if you don’t.

  5. Gio
    June 6, 2013    

    so Diva if you were cornered by some thugs golden dawn oriented or otherwise would you not wish you had a gun to defend yourself?

  6. June 6, 2013    

    No. I wish that I would never have to worry about being cornered by Golden Dawn thugs. But no, I do not wish to carry a gun. Let’s look at it logically. If I was cornered by these thugs (and there would be many of them as they attack in packs), would I have the instant reaction to draw a weapon or would I freeze in fear as many people do? Would I have time to draw a weapon? Wouldn’t they just take the weapon from me? How many could I shoot before I was overwhelmed and beaten to death or shot with my own gun?

    In short, I don’t think civilians should have guns…at all!! Criminals do get hold of guns, of course, but this is a matter for law enforcement not me.

  7. Guest
    June 6, 2013    

    The evidence globally is very clear: countries with high gun ownership are those with the highest rates of gun violence. Not slightly higher, either — on a completely different scale! This indicates that either violence leads to high gun ownership, or high gun ownership leads to violence, or both (that is, the two factors become locked together in a serious structural problem, as in the USA).

    Exceptionally, if your life is threatened specifically, maybe you might thing about buying a gun, learning how to use it, and being trained as a professional. Usually, such people are given police protection anyway, if their lives are under threat. What would be a TERRIBLE mistake is for any country to enourage (or even allow) its population to carry guns. This is a recipe for social collapse.

    Of course, violent thugs and sociopaths will not agree with this rational conclusion. Chryssi Avgi obviously are top of the list in Greece for this.