The only thing necessary for the persistence of evil is for enough good people to do nothing

More Violence. More Tears


On Monday came the latest violent attack against the immigrant population here in Athens. This time the victim is a child, a fourteen year old boy from Afghanistan. He was attacked while out on his own by a gang of black clad thugs, alleged to be Golden Dawn members. There is some speculation as to whether they are GD members but I think we all know who are the only group that goes around dressed in black that would attack a child.

An unbelievable act of savagery and violence. It is tempting to call the people who did this “animals”  but the sad fact is that they are human beings inflicting their twisted way of “thinking” on other human beings. They are so blinded by their ideology and their sense of “rightness” that they can attack a young boy in this horrific way.

A police investigation is underway into a racist attack against a 15-year-old Afghan boy who was beaten up and cut in the face with a broken bottle on Easter Monday

Police headquartes in Athens have ordered an investigation into a racist attack against a 15-year-old Afghan boy in downtown Athens last week.

According to Doctors of the World, the teenager was attacked on Easter Monday, May 6, by six black-clothed men, who asked him where he was from and whether he had a residence permit before beating him up and cutting his face multiple times with a broken beer bottle.

The police’s recently founded unit for dealing with racist violence has been charged with looking into the case of the Afghan teen, in cooperation with the sub-directorate for the protection of minors.

The Police’s Racist Violence Response and Child Protection services are jointly investigating reports that a 15-year-old Afghan was brutally attacked at Attiki Square ?n Easter Monday from what appears to be a gang of Golden Dawn members.

According to reports, the 15-year-old was approached by about six people clad in black who asked him where he was from and whether he had legal documents, before being brutally attacked.  Nikitas Kanakis from the Greek chapter of international Medecins Du Monde NGO reported to that “after being beaten, his face was scarred with a broken beer bottle. It was barbaric. We are talking about psychos”.

The victim was taken to a hospital for treatment however the incident was not reported. The 15-year-old is currently accommodated at a hostel, while the UNHCR has been contacted and legal proceedings initiated.

The Minister of Public Order Nikos Dendias commented that “the cowards who copy mafia methods of attacking isolated immigrants, even 14-year-old children, will find the State which fights for justice and human rights against them, as well as the common consciousness of the Greek people”.

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I appeal to everyone who is involved with Golden Dawn or who supports their agenda to think again. If they can condone, incite or carry out such attacks on children, what else are they capable of ? Please turn in the people who did this and stop supporting a “party” that has incited and escalated such hatred.


  1. Christina G
    May 16, 2013    

    black is a common color, maybe it was pakistanis who did it?
    there have been inter racial/ethnic attacks that dont involve Greeks at all
    and that incident in Manolada was carried out by card carrying members of Pasok
    and yes of course i abhor random violence even on illegal immigrants.

    So, I will continue to support Golden Dawn, the party does not approve beating up immigrants. if it was done by one of their supporters then they would condemn that as well as they have condemned the Manolada incidents.

  2. Guest
    May 16, 2013    

    We can now add child abuse to the list of evils that Chryssi Avgi has perpetrated. Yet Greeks continue to support these thuggish criminals…

  3. deviousdiva
    May 17, 2013    

    @Christina G, a supporter of Golden Dawn. OK. Now that I know for sure where your affiliation lies, you are no longer welcome to comment here. I will not host GD members or supporters on this blog. There are plenty of other spaces for you to express your thoughts in. This is not one of them.