The only thing necessary for the persistence of evil is for enough good people to do nothing

The True Colours of Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn member confronting policeman

Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) is the far-right Neo-Nazi “party” that currently holds 18 seats in parliament. Many people stated that they voted for them to punish the mainstream parties such as Pasok and New Democracy, not aware of their hate filled, racist agenda. Since the elections, there have been countless incidents involving Golden Dawn that show their true colours. A fact that many of us already knew but I blame the media for not following their unprecedented rise to power and revealing the face of this “party” that admires Hitler, denies the holocaust and is violently homophobic, anti-semitic and racist. Here are the two main events involving Golden Dawn over the past week that I haven’t had time to post about:

Athens mayor prevented the illegal “Greeks only” food handout in Syntagma, the central square in Athens. They had not applied for license to hold a food drive there. The previous much publicised “charity” event was condemned by all the main parties (and all free-thinking people) as a divisive and hate-filled publicity stunt where people were forcibly denied food if they were not “ethnically Greek”. The Athens mayor Mr Kaminis ordered the event to be stopped and it was dispersed by the police using teargas. He called it

the soup kitchen of hate

and said that

Syntagma Square will never be used again by anyone to hand out goods. Thuggery will not prevail in this city as long as I am mayor.

He also reminded the public that the city of Athens feeds around 9000 people a day without prejudice and discrimination. Just good people helping, often voluntarily, their fellow human beings.

The event descended into chaos after the “party” moved their publicity stunt back to their headquarters. Later they turned up at a charity event attended by the mayor and Golden Dawn “MP” Germenis attacked him, allegedly trying to pull a gun on him. A young girl was injured in the scuffle that followed.

Read the story at the Guardian, the Telegraph, the BBC and at the Financial Times

The “party” also tried to pursue their “Greek Only” blood bank “idea” last week and angered the doctors union who slammed the “initiative” as “racist and inhuman”. Hospital workers refused to label the blood “greek only” as demanded by Golden Dawn members.

Read the story at the International Business Times and Eleftherotypia

The Prime Minister Samaras is soon embarking on an official trip to America. Ahead of him, the American Jewish Committee has slammed the Golden Dawn “party” who condemned Samaras for planning to attend the AJC Global Forum.

The statement on the far right party’s website was accompanied by a cartoon parodying Jews and US President Barack Obama, which the AJC referred to as «reminiscent of horrific, Nazi-inspired cartoons of the ’30s and ’40s in Europe.”

Internationally, Golden Dawn are condemned by most thinking people. The embarrassment and ridicule they are bringing to Greece is not to be ignored. Public opinion here is turning against this hateful party and I am sincerely hoping that they will soon be crawling back to their little caves and enjoying their previous looney fringe status once again. I will be glad to see those blackshirts with swastika style insignia and their “seig heil” tattoos off the streets and back where they belong, covered up in shame and humiliation.



  1. Christina G
    May 5, 2013    

    really whats wrong with feeding needy Greeks?

    And AJC who cares about them? you do? then since your such friends with them and are part African heritage why dont you contact them and ask them since they advocate for Israel within the USA why they do not criticize Israel which recently expelled BLACK Muslim undocumented immigrants…so what place do they have to criticize Golden Dawn (at least on the basis of not wanting illegal immigration in Greece?)

    Next AJC is part and parcel of the Jewish lobbying groups that work on behalf of their interests to block recognition of the Armenian genocide as indeed a genocide by the US Congress.

    So when people talk about holocaust denial or revisionism being some kind of evil, I have to say that its hypocritical that this same group (Jewish Political Groups) cry about that evil then deny or actively support covering up the crimes of Turkey against the Armenians (and others) and the crimes of their mother country (Israel) today.

    Internationally most thinking people see past the New World Program of global genocide for most all peoples individually and genocide of groups via the mass illegal migration program and usury fiat money control. Most thinking people are fed up with people crying victim as they stab the Greek people in the back with their usury and austerity measures.

  2. Christina G
    May 5, 2013    

    Public opinion here is turning against this hateful party and I am sincerely hoping that they will soon be crawling back to their little caves and enjoying their previous looney fringe status once again

    Actually they are up to 20% in opinion polls in Greece so the may get even more seats.

  3. Christina G
    May 7, 2013    

    feel free to lee a comment as long as it does not challenge divas anti greek hate blog

  4. Guest
    May 11, 2013    

    The poster Christina G is advertising himself (male) eleswhere as a member/supporter of Chryssi Avgi. The gender switch is just a propaganda trick, if that is the case.

  5. deviousdiva
    May 15, 2013    

    @Christina G
    Your enlightening and intelligent comment was in my spam folder.

  6. deviousdiva
    May 15, 2013    

    @ Guest
    Do you have evidence of that? If so, can you pass on that information to me. Thank you.