The only thing necessary for the persistence of evil is for enough good people to do nothing

Banning Golden Dawn


In a democracy, which Greece is supposed to have, talking about banning an elected political party is a difficult issue. However, action taken to ban a “party” that rode in on a campaign that promised to “rid Greece of this filth” (referring to immigrants) and whose “MPs” have been filmed smashing up market stalls of immigrants, screaming homophobic and racist obscenities, urinating on a TV station entrance in protest at showing Turkish soap operas, assaulting other MPs, giving Nazi salutes and denying the holocaust, is absolutely legitimate.

The list of affronts to decency and democracy are well-documented. The incitement of hatred and violence is clear cut. Scores of violent assaults on immigrants and several homophobic attacks have been carried out in the name of Golden Dawn.

They have yet to stand up and condemn these attacks. All they will say is that they personally did not do them. Even an idiot can see that their virulent hate speech and talk of “invaders” and “filth”  and “sub-humans” (and these are their “MPs” saying this) has inspired these daily assaults on citizens of this country and that those who carry them out are doing so in their name.


Greece has adequate legal grounds to outlaw Golden Dawn or any other political organization found to be engaging in racially motivated crimes, Europe’s human rights watchdog suggests in a leaked report set to be formally released on Tuesday.

Nils Muiznieks, the Council of Europe’s human rights commissioner, compiled the report following his visit to Greece between January 28 and February 1.

Sources said the report links several incidents of racist violence and hate crimes to supporters, members and deputies of Golden Dawn, which is described in the document as a “neo-Nazi party.”

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  1. George
    April 18, 2013    

    Edited by Devious Diva

    George, your comment is unacceptable on so many levels that I don’t think I could explain to you as you don’t seem to be very educated. Keep your vileness for posting on your Golden Dawn sites. Thank you.

  2. Guest (xenos)
    April 18, 2013    

    The whole history of the modern Greek state is a toleration of anti-semitism, a refusal to prosecute anyone for hate speech or even racial attacks, and this vile mentality that Greeks come before everyone else.

    The only reason that there are any laws at all against hate speech (or theoretically protecting foreigners’ rights) is that the Greek politicians had to put these laws in place to collect money from the EU. They never had any intention of acting on them, and certainly never disciplined any public prosecutor for failing to carry out his/her duty in implementing these laws.

    Now that the situation has become even more serious, with the neo-Nazis influencing events, why would anyone expect the Greeks to behave properly? They never did in the past, when there was plenty of money for them to embezzle from the EU, so whhy would they now? The only case would be if the Troika actually took over the running of Greece and removed the spineless muppet Samaras from power. They will not do so, because they are happy with Samaras. He does as he is told, up to a point, and they are afraid of the independent thinking of Syriza. Europe is in fact no more interested in democracy and human decency in Greece than Golden Dawn is.