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Homophobic Attack


The Swedish actor and former MP, Tasso Stafilidis was attacked on Saturday in Athens by a group of men in black clothing. At first, Mr Stafilidis and his friends thought it was a mugging but the thugs punched and kicked them to the ground, calling them “dirty faggots” before running off without stealing anything.

He spoke to the press later and said that he had noticed a shift in attitude in Greece since he had previously visited

These things go hand-in-hand when a country’s prosperity collapses. The crisis makes people susceptible to this kind of rhetoric and sentiment

Homophobic attacks have been on the rise in recent years but are rarely reported or even documented. It has not been confirmed as to whether the attack was carried out by members of Golden Dawn although that seems to be the suspicion given their virulent anti-gay stance. Here’s one of their “MPs” at the attack of the play “Corpus Christi” which fascists and religious zealots closed down (Warning: It’s vile)

Tassos Stafilidis went on to say that homophobia is on the rise elsewhere in Europe, not just in Greece and that he had encountered much worse than the attack in Athens.

I am sure I would not have been so generous in playing down this thug behaviour but I also don’t know what other things Mr Stafilidis has experienced or witnessed.

Golden Dawn supporters often use the excuse that their actions are not as bad as (insert country of choice) as a means of justifying their behaviour. My stance is that you cannot excuse a crime simply because someone else has committed a worse one.

The only way that people really have to combat these homophobic crimes, as they are taken less than seriously by the authorities here, is simply by not coming to Greece. Not spending what amounts to millions of euros in tourism and spreading the word to the international gay community that Greece is no longer a safe place to visit. This is what people of colour are being told already. Perhaps we only have financial power but we at least have that.

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  1. Kelly A
    April 10, 2013    

    Greece is now just a geographic distinction not a state, there is not state thats why these people have or are trying to take over. And as much as I disagree with golden dawn, they are right about one thing they reason they are taking over is because the other parties simply just were more concerned about their party and enriching themselves.

    more chaos to come I am afraid

    who was he supposed to go protest to the police? the police that voted for golden dawn?