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Greek Village Shuns Golden Dawn



This makes me very, very happy. In villages up and down the country, people recognise that Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) are Neo-Nazis. This is because the memory of the massacres of Greeks by the Nazis is still very much alive. The courage and resilience to turn away these thugs bringing free food is inspiring. I hope that this type of selfless action prevails and that Golden Dawn get at least SOME of their message (if they are capable)…. NEVER AGAIN.

The local residents of Potamia in Thasos reacted intensely to the attempts of Golden Dawn members to distribute food and other essentials at the village square. The residents did not allow the Golden Members to unload their truck and forced them to leave, while shouting that they were not welcome.

Members of the Potamia culture center, local football team and other residents protested on the main square and after isolating the Golden Dawn members, they told them to leave the village and they did not want any food to be distributed. They also discouraged other residents from accepting food from the Golden Dawn members.

The residents of Panagia are also expected to proceed with similar action and have already made it clear that Golden Dawn is not welcome. A few days prior, members of Golden Dawn distributed food in the village of Limenaria, with few taking up the offer.

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  1. Guest (xenos)
    April 1, 2013    

    Yes, there is yet some hope for Greece.