The only thing necessary for the persistence of evil is for enough good people to do nothing

Extremists Attack Journalists


A leftist extremist group calling themselves “Lovers of Lawlessness” have attacked 5 Greek journalists with makeshift bombs at their homes. This horrendous action was carried out because the group objects to the way these journalists have been reporting of the economic crisis. Extremism in ANY form cannot be tolerated in a democratic country (or in any country)

“This is an attempt to openly terrorise the media, a vital part of our democracy,” said coalition government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou.

Journalists must be free to report and inform without fear of reprisals and attacks of this nature.

Read the whole story at the BBC

See also Reporters Without Borders

“We are very concerned by the growing violence against news media and leading journalists in recent months,” Reporters Without Borders said. “These attacks are the most visible expression of an increasingly dangerous climate for all journalists, who are being turned into the scapegoats of a crisis they are just analysing.


  1. Kelly A
    January 13, 2013    

    I agree that extremism any form can not be tolerated.

    However, we need to understand why this is happening.
    Hopefully, a leader and not a politician can understand and address the many issues here that are turning people to the extremes…but I am not that optimistic.

    The Eu really needs to step in and help Greece out with economic development programs to boost job growth in the economy, (of course, I agree any aid would be with lots of oversight), to get people back to work or this is just going to get worse and worse.

    But sadly i think the EU is more concerned about the banks getting their pound of flesh at any cost the cost maybe a fire that spread from Greece to the rest of Europe.(anarchism, nazism, etc.)

  2. anonymous
    February 7, 2013    

    This does not excuse violence of any far right GD, but I find it deplorable when anarchists and communists are engaged violence then communists extremists like Syriza and leftist leaning NGOs …who claim to stand for “democracy” and “human rights”….fall silent or try to downplay the fact it isn’t rightwing extremists but leftwing ones that are responsible for the vast majority of violence in Greece the last few years.

  3. Guest
    February 12, 2013    

    Before 2009, most political violence in Greece was from people on the left. However, the violence was directed at the police and other agents of the State. In the last few years, the level of violence in Greece has risen horribly, and is almost entirely related to Chryssi Avgi. Immigrants are attacked, violently injured, and murdered.

    Your propaganda about violence coming from the Left shows only what bias and ignorance you have of Greece. Are you an American Greek?