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Speaking Out Against Golden Dawn


Greek school students across Germany have written a letter condemning the rise of Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi) in Greece and its racist violence that is taking hold here. They explain how the escalation of attacks against students and immigrants has led to attacks against them and their parents by neo-nazis in Germany. They are, quite rightly, angry and they feel unable to react for fear of repercussions.

We are Greek school students in Germany. Most of us were born here. Our families were forced to immigrate to Germany in previous decades due to the difficulties and also now because of the crisis in Greece. With this letter of ours, we want to express our rage and our condemnation of the attacks against immigrants, workers and our fellow students in Greece by the Nazis of “Golden Dawn”.
As the children of immigrants in Germany, we know from experience what racist violence means, what Nazism means. We and our families have faced the activity of Nazi organizations in Germany like “Golden Dawn” on many occasions, organizations which attack foreign workers living and working in Germany. Racist violence does not distinguish between legal and illegal immigrants, it has only one goal; to divide the peoples, the workers, the youth so that they don’t see what is really responsible for their problems.
We want you to know that every time the Nazi “Golden Dawn” in Greece chases immigrants and strikes against school students who are struggling, it gives an excuse for similar fascist organizations in Germany to attack us and our parents in a similar or an even worse manner.
We see our parents every day sweat in the factories and big businesses of Germany to support us, they struggle in a restaurant at night or a small business. We as school students on many occasions work to help our parents. We know that our fellow school student of a different colour, religion or country, is not responsible for the daily torments of our family.
The fascist “Golden Dawn” and its sister Nazi organizations in Germany have one goal with their lies and thuggish attacks: to intimidate us and our parents so that we do not react with justified rage and indignation , which we feel ever day, so that the policies of capital and its governments remain untouchable, policies which make the workers and youth of Greece and Germany destitute.
We condemn and isolate the activity of the Hitlerite “Golden Dawn” and its fellow thinkers in Germany. We strengthen the struggle in Greece and Germany. This is our answer.



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  1. Chuck Norris
    January 9, 2013    

    Hi DD, do you have a link source for the story about the Greek Students in Germany regarding Golden Dawn. I have quite a few Greeks i’d like to send this to to show them that for all the Golden Dawn supporting, unfortuantely, in places where other Neo-Nazis are, Greeks are still considered Immigrants. So, this is a wakeup call for Greeks everywhere to realize that facism whether it is from communist thugs or right wing thugs is not the answer.