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The Insult of the Nazi Salute

The leader of “Golden Dawn” N. Michaloliakos gave a Nazi salute, while addressing a fascist youth gathering in Athens, on Saturday October 20, 2012. As the mass media reported, Michaloliakos, with an extended right hand, said: “They call us Nazis but they have never called us thieves. These hands may sometimes salute like this […] but they are clean hands. They are not dirty. They have not stolen”. All political parties made condemnation statements.
The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece issued the following announcement:

“The Nazi salute given by a leader of a Greek party represented in the Greek Parliament, demonstrates in the most brutal way the nature of the threat launched against Greek Democracy.
The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece has repeatedly pointed out that the devotees of Nazism, who deny the Holocaust, use racial violence, and give the Nazi salute, are repulsive to the Greek democratic citizens, provoke the outrage of the Greek Jews and brutally insult the memory of the Holocaust victims and of the fighters who sacrificed their lives for the principles of liberty, dignity and civilization.

We call upon the state, the politicians as well as the society not only to remain vigilant but to immediately and urgently take all the necessary measures to protect the principles of Democracy that are openly threatened by the devotees of Nazism so as not to allow society to be drifted into the darkness of racial hatred and anti-Semitism.

Athens, October 22, 2012
The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece


  1. Kelly A
    November 21, 2012    

    They insist though this is not a nazi salute. regardless while I might agree that Chrysi Avgi certainly has a negative view of non-Greeks I can not agree that they are “Greek Supremacist”

    A Supremacist wants to rule over others, they just do not want others destroying their homeland (at least thats the way they put it).

    Any Jewish anything complaining about bigotry while ignoring the hate in their own faith system is at minimum hypocrisy

    I presume by Nazi or Neo-Nazi you mean someone or some group that believes in their superiority to others.

    Well in fact there are such people and groups and Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece would do well to criticize their own and not throw rocks in glass houses.

    They need to realize that they are the ones that are the haters after all Judaism teaches that ALL (including you Diva and me) non-Jews are animals in human form.

    So says the leader of the Shas party , Rabbi Obadia Yosef, in Israel part of the coalition government in Israel. My source , is it some “nazi” not in fact its the Jewish Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post.

    So I too would stand with any Jew or Jewish group that condemns ALL supremacist doctrine including that originating within their own faith system and community.

    So Central Board of Greek Jews where is the condemnation of the darkness of bigotry and affront to democracy that Shas is , ( a member of the ruling coalition in Israel).?

  2. Triste
    November 23, 2012    

    Could you give me a reference for where Judaism teaches that non-Jews are animals in human form. Which scripture and page or verse number. I always thought Judaism offered salvation to non-Jews as well.

  3. Kelly A
    November 27, 2012    

    Some excerpts from the Talmud:

    Yebamoth 98a. All gentile children are animals.

    Abodah Zarah 36b. Gentile girls are in a state of niddah (filth) from birth.

    read this book written by former orthodox jew

    you can find it for free as a downloadable pdf google:

    jewish history jewish religion israel shahak pdf

  4. Kelly A
    November 27, 2012    

    of course not all Jews subscribe to such things. and many Jews are wonderful people.
    (my contention is that is despite the hate taught in the Talmud, not because of their religion, and many more would be wonderful people but for their subscribing to such doctrines that justify their abuse of the natives of the middle east).

    But the point is that since many of those organizations or voices opposing nationalism in Europe are in fact Jewish they should be equanimity back towards their own co-religionists and towards Israel (esp. since for example the European Jewish Congress is condemn golden dawn and even suggested the party should be banned, meanwhile advocating for the state of Israel, a state which in fact has a party in its ruling coalition the Shas party run by rabbi ovadia yosef who made those racist anti-gentile remarks earlier posted here)…i.e. you can not complain about golden dawn when you are promoting or defending another state having its own “golden dawn” or sorry diva “bnp” (although in this case Diva of course never promotes or defends BNP or the UK per se).

  5. Triste
    November 29, 2012    

    Thanks for the references, I will check them out. However, I am quite sure I also read somewhere that according to Judaism, people who are non-Jews can also be saved. That to me seems to be a lot more tolerant than the doctrines of both Christianity and Islam, and certainly many people were put to death by members of both these religions for centuries. Weren’t some of the ancient Greeks killed by people of this new religion of Christianity when it took over, including Hypatia one of the most accomplished and gifted women of the times? Is it really the Talmud that is responsible for the policies Israel has against Palestine? The U.S. supports those policies too. The U.S. doesn’t operate on the basis of thousands of year old texts.

  6. Kelly A
    November 30, 2012    

    Well what you are referring to is more of a modern secular/reform type Judaism. And I am sure there are some orthodox who do not embrace the extreme views of the Talmudic scholars.
    But right there in black in white in a Jewish Israeli paper you see that the highest (almost like the pope) rabbi of the Sephardic Jews in Israel (rabbi ovadia yosef) telling you whats going on.

    Regarding the USA…you might have a difficult time with this but the USA quite frankly is not a Christian nation, only in the same way South Africa under apartheid might have been a black nation because the majority of the people were black…but who ran it…. like wise the majority of Americans are Christians of some stripe with a warped view of God thanks to So-call St. Augustine who is not a Saint in Christian Orthodoxy…. Triste who runs the US Federal Reserve Board head: Ben Shalom Bernanke, Dept of Defense ?, Homeland Security ? check them out they are not Irish names some even hold dual citizenship guess with which country? its not Greece by the way that will explain a lot)

    Salvation is based on race in Judaism, in Christianity (orthodox, its based on relationship with God, God is fire to those that hate and light to those that love, same God experienced by the individual according to the condition of the person).

    Check this out a Settler responds to peace activists:

  7. triste
    November 30, 2012    

    Kelly, it seems like the whole world is burning, doesn’t matter what religion or race or place. This woman seems insane to me, but the others at the end of the clip don’t. There is something really ugly about their I don’t know what to call it, bearing, stance, anger, attitude, hate ? I hope this whole Palestine Israel thing ends soon. I’m glad the U.N. voted to let Palestine have the spectator nation status.

    The GD scares the hell out of me even though I live far from Greece. I am aware that they beat people nearly to death and attack individuals in large groups, with faces covered, and then deny it and get away with it all due to the complicity of the police. That is what a lot of people are starting to find out. I guess the kinds of economic problems Greece has can draw the very worst out of society. I wish your country luck. Your people are a great nation and I hope they don’t throw their light underfoot and join the historical rank of Germany by taking up the evil of Naziism as a entire nation.

  8. Kelly A
    December 1, 2012    

    thank you