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Two articles from Comment at Kathimerini about the recent food handout for Greeks only by Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) in Syntagma Square.

Via Kathimerini

Charity Begins at Home

Rarely could charity have had such negative connotations as on Wednesday in Syntagma Square, central Athens, where neofascist Chryssi Avgi (Golden Dawn) handed out free food to passers-by, as long as they could prove they were Greek.

The party, which gained 7 percent of the vote in the June elections, was completely open about the fact that it had taken a political choice to feed just Greeks. The sociopathic nature of this decision is self-evident. The fact that the event was a bare-faced publicity stunt is also clear. Golden Dawn’s decision to use state funding (taxpayers’ money) for “good causes” is a direct challenge to the parties accused of consistently pocketing or wasting public funds. It underlines that Golden Dawn is a product of the political system’s chronic apathy.

It is too late to correct this now, the damage has been done. Cleaning up the political system and completing the transition from the self-serving politics of the last few decades to something more productive will take time. But this is a commodity Greece doesn’t have when dealing with the rise of extremism. Wednesday’s events highlighted that the country is fast approaching social disintegration.

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Also at Kathimerini

The Cruelty of Strangers

The distribution this week by Greece’s far-right Golden Dawn party of free food on Syntagma Square was a turning point in society’s moral and spiritual decline. The offer was limited to card-carrying Greek citizens and only after they had submitted important personal information including their blood type.

Even by the contemporary standards of this crisis-hit country, a Greek person can only feel shame in seeing volunteers from a neo-fascist party, all of them dressed in black t-shirts, distribute packs of pasta and other foodstuff after inspecting, as it were, the blood of the needy.

One can only feel shame because this brutally racist event was organized right in front of a symbol of democracy, the House of Parliament.

One can only feel shame because such blood-based discrimination runs counter to the norms and mores of Greek civilization — from Zeus Xenios, the patron of hospitality and guests, and Athena Xenia, the protector of strangers, both worshiped by our ancient forefathers, to Cappadocian Basil the Great.

“If you come across an enemy in difficulty,” he wrote in his sermon on famine and drought, “do not add revenge to your anger but instead feed him like he fed the brothers who sold him out.”

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  1. fight the power
    August 6, 2012    

    Paul, from what I heard he was working for a Greek restaurant or bar in Paros? Why do they hire them if they are illegal, isn’t that a crime to hire an illegal alien? Why don’t you go against all the thousands of greeks who hire illegal workers instead of going against the workers. If you leave a gate open, people will come. Why not put Greek shopowners in jail who hire illegals, if you are so against illegals, and maybe they would stop coming. Or maybe Greeks don’t want to do this jobs that illegals do eh?

  2. johntywilliams
    August 7, 2012    

    Do you know what I’m sick of, Paul J ? I’m sick of being a target because I am a foreigner in this country. I am sick of being blamed for everything that has gone wrong in Greece. I am sick of being called an “illegal” because I’m an immigrant (I am not “illegal”). I am sick of people in genuine need not being unable to get asylum. I am sick of hearing about the famous “hospitality” of Greece. I am sick of nazi’s who have hijacked this country and no-one doing anything about it. I am sick of being scared. I am sick of the wave of hatred and fear that has been stirred by lies and scaremongering. I am sick of working hard and contributing to this beautiful country that has been destroyed by greed and that has turned on innocent and often vulnerable people who make up the vast majority of the immigrant population.

    I have the good fortune to be able to leave which I will be doing soon. I am saddened that this amazing place has gone to this dark place and has turned out to be more xenophobic than I ever imagined possible.

  3. Triste
    August 7, 2012    

    I think it is good that that guy who raped the girl on Paros got caught. I imagine he will get some sort of a prison sentence in Greece before he gets sent back to Pakistan. I also think it is good that random immigrants weren’t attacked like they were for days when the expectant father was killed for his video camera.

  4. Brendan McIntyre
    August 7, 2012    

    How is this different from Black Charities in US giving out food in black neighbourhoods only?

  5. deviousdiva
    August 7, 2012    

    Are they refusing to give food to white people? Are they actually stating that the food is only for black people? Or are they simply a charity giving out food in poor predominately black neighbourhoods?

    There are charities here that give out food to the homeless, the poor and to any people in need. They operate in poor neighbourhoods. They do not hand out food only to immigrants or only to Greeks. There is no distinction. Anyone who comes is given food.

    Chrysi Avgi gave out food to CARD-CARRYING Greeks only. A very different situation.

    Why are so many people trying to justify their actions? They illegally set up a food line in Syntagma Square, the main square of Athens (directly in front of Parliament), after being told that they couldn’t and demanded to see id cards as proof of being Greek.

    Can you not see the difference?

  6. Brendan McIntyre
    August 7, 2012    

    Why do you feel it’s ok for black charities to provide food to black neighbourhoods exclusively, but deny the same right to other groups of people providing food for their own people exclusively?

  7. deviousdiva
    August 7, 2012    

    I don’t have a problem with people giving food out in any neighbourhoods where there is need. Those charities that you talk about, to justify your stance on Golden Dawn’s actions, DO NOT state that the food is for black people only. They give food out in black neighbourhoods where most of the recipients will be black. There are similar charities in poor white neighbourhoods, Jewish neighbourhoods, Hispanic neighbourhoods, Greek neighbourhoods etc etc etc.

    I do have a problem with Golden Dawn giving out food to Greeks ONLY. Not to hungry people in that neighbourhood (whether they be black or white or mixed. To Greeks ONLY. To people who have an id card that states that they are Greek. Not to poor, hungry, homeless citizens of Athens. To Greeks ONLY.

    The difference is that these other charities (and btw, Golden Dawn is NOT a charity, it’s a political “party”), do not turn people away that are in need of food and water. Golden Dawn DO and will and are proud of the fact that they are helping “their own” and no-one else.

    I don’t understand why you refuse to see the difference?

  8. Brendan McIntyre
    August 7, 2012    

    So, from a moral standpoint, you obviously don’t have a problem with black charities giving food exclusively to black neighbourhoods, or Hispanic charities giving exclusively to Hispanics, or Jews exclusively to Jews. So why do you deny the right for Greeks to give exclusively to Greeks?
    I don’t support these extreme parties but i cannot accept your moral contradiction either.

  9. Brendan McIntyre
    August 7, 2012
    Maybe you should write to all these Jewish charities and tell them that serving their own people exclusively is wrong and that they should expand to serve the interests of all people of all persuasions equally.

  10. johntywilliams
    August 8, 2012    

    I have read through a lot of the articles here and the comments that follow. It seems very obvious that there are a few people here who support Golden Dawn and will use any method to try and justify there actions. Brendon, you have not understood anything that the owner of this blog has written in response to your comment. It is very clear to anyone with an ounce of common sense what she has written.

    Black and Jewish charities do not help “their own people exclusively”, They do not ask for ID cards or passports to prove nationality.

    I think you also need to understand that Golden Dawn is not a charity as diva said.

    Do you live here or in the states?

  11. Triste
    August 8, 2012    

    I don’t know that many Jewish people, but one time I used to live near a Jewish Community Centre. I wanted to join a gym and theirs at that centre was quite close and for reasonable rates. I called and asked if I could join even though I was not Jewish. The woman who picked up the phone said ,”Don’t be silly, anyone can join.” I ended up finding one even closer and so didn’t, but I was happy that they would not have excluded me.

  12. Brendan McIntyre
    August 8, 2012    

    Trieste, there are thousands of state-subsidised charities which serve the particular needs of a particular group of people. Try applying to put your mum or dad into a state-funded afro-Caribbean or Jewish care home and see what answer you get (assuming you’re not black or jewish).

    JohnTyWilliams, would you be okay with the handing out of food to Greek citizens if it wasn’t by a far-right group? Let’s assume that it wasn’t Golden Dawn but a privately-funded charity called “Citizens’ Action Network” handing out food to Greek citizens. Would you still be against it?

  13. MariaK
    August 9, 2012    

    @Paul J, there is no way of discussing anything with you in any reasonable way. You support Golden Dawn. You have swallowed their agenda hook, line and sinker. You are even advocating land mines on the border which means in THE REAL WORLD WHERE I LIVE, killing and maiming people who are doing nothing more than looking for a better life. In the same way, that millions of Greeks have emmigrated around the world in search of a better life. Shame on you and all of you that have been sucked in and fooled by nazis. Once again.