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Food For Greeks Only In Syntagma









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Members of Greece’s far right Golden Dawn party handed out free food to hundreds of people on Syntagma Square on Wednesday.

The food was only made available to Greeks.

Organizers asked for the ID cards of people queuing for food to check if they were Greek citizens. They said that unemployed persons and people with many children would be served first.

More than two hundred people turned up, according to witnesses.

Golden Dawn spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris said the food — potatoes, pasta, milk and olive oil — came from Greek firms and Greek producers exclusively.

The campaign took place despite a ban from local authorities which on Tuesday refused to give permission for the event. In a letter sent to the party, the Athens municipality said Syntagma Square cannot be made available for this type of events.

Read the full article at Kathimerini



  1. Paul J
    August 2, 2012    

    i am intrigued how does this violate anyones human rights?

  2. Sue Flawkey
    August 2, 2012    

    Paul, it doesn’t violate any rights since it’s their money and they can donate to whomever they wish, but it sure makes them look like a bunch of losers and heartless. So, if a foreign immigrant and her children are hungry and happen to show up at the table, Golden Dawn will be so proud to say “get lost”? Greeks have been known for their hospitality and now I’m sad to say that the world is seeing that this group is making that more of a myth than a reality. What kind of person holds food out for hungry people but then says, “Oh sorry, you are not allowed”, that’s horrible anyway you slice it, and I hope this gets a lot of play in the New York Times so more Americans can see what is happening in Greece and press the UN and USA to press the Greek authorities to do something against this scourge of racism and hatred that has been the norm lately in Greece.

    I heard from friends that some Greeks were taking the food from GD, and sharing it with foreigners anyways so glad to see that racism doesn’t always prevail.

  3. Triste
    August 3, 2012    

    Paul J.,

    Have Jewish groups from outside of Greece supporting Greek Jews stood about in public saying they will only give to the Jews. If so, you can compare that that to this public donation of food meant for just one group. If these donors had gone to the homes of needy Greek people (without of course knocking on nonGreeks’ doors and telling them they couldn’t have any) it would not be seen as being a negative thing at all.

  4. Triste
    August 6, 2012    

    If Jewish Groups had said it it was not for non-Jews, it would have been held against them all and over the world. Of course, it is no point arguing this with someone who always supports neo-nazis.

  5. August 6, 2012    

    @ Triste

    I don’t think I have welcomed you to my site! I always used to do that but in recent times have neglected to this because of various factors which I won’t bore you with. Anyway, welcome and thank you for taking the time to comment.

    I do think there is a point to arguing against people who support nazis. I feel that we must be vocal against injustice and hatred.Without people like you, they are acting with impunity and they understand silence as approval.

    And of course, it is confirmation to others out there, that there are people who think like you do. That they are not alone.