The only thing necessary for the persistence of evil is for enough good people to do nothing

Chrysi Avgi in Parliament

Via the Athens News

Golden Dawn have not done themeselves any favors in as much as finding “friends” in parliament is concerned and their latest comments in Sunday’s Real News will have done nothing to help their cause, if in fact there ever was one.

“We did not enter parliament to play boxing matches”, MP for the second constituency of Piraeus Giannis Lagos told the paper. “We aren’t going in as avengers, we’re not going in to beat anyone up. We want those that have brought Greeks to this point to be punished by legal means”.

But if one was to think that violent outbursts by Golden Dawn members were now off the table, then that would be a mistake.

“If someone isn’t respecting us through what he says, then Golden Dawn will not be putting up with provocative behavior. We are not used to being sworn at. On a personal note, I won’t have anyone swear at me. I am only human, I will react. We’re not used to swearing at each other in parliament and then patting each other on the back afterwards”.

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