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Speaking Out About Attacks

We are starting to hear from people who have been attacked by members of Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn). Let’s not forget though, that these are just the people who have been brave enough to come forward.

via Times Standard Online

From the news conference of the United Against Racism and Fascist Violence Movement:

An immigrant rights group on Thursday accused a Greek far-right party of being behind hundreds of violent attacks on immigrants as part of a stepped-up “terror campaign” aimed at driving them out of the country.
Leading activist Petros Constantinou told a news conference that the number of such attacks had ballooned since Sunday’s crucial national election, which saw the extreme Golden Dawn party nab 18 seats in parliament.
“There’s a huge pogrom underway now that has been organized by Golden Dawn gangs, with fascist and racist attacks in neighborhoods and in subway and bus stations,” said Constantinou, coordinator of the United Against Racism and Fascist Violence Movement. “Right now we have dozens of injured, stabbing victims.”
Constantinou said Golden Dawn’s strong showing in the poll has emboldened it to step up such violence, and he accused police of covering up for the party.
“What these neo-Nazis are striving to do right now is to convert their entry into parliament into legitimate cooperation with the Greek police” and judicial authorities, Constantinou said.

Read the full article at the Times Standard Online

Via Kathimerini

Immigrants from Pakistan gave accounts of violent assaults at the hands of suspected right-wing extremists on Thursday during a press conference in Athens held by the Movement Against Racism.

Mohamed Zahib, 23, said he had been attacked in Corinth, where he works, last Sunday. He said a man on a motorcycle asked him if he was from Pakistan. When he said no, the man left, only to return with another two people on motorcycles with the lights turned off. One hit him on the head with a club, he said, adding that he woke up in the hospital faced by four police officers. “They told me to say the attackers were Pakistanis, not members of Chrysi Avgi,” he said, referring to the ultra-right Golden Dawn

Read the full article at Kathimerini


  1. June 23, 2012    

    Thanks for writing about this. I am no longer travelling to Athens without my husband; not that I’m living in Greece without documentation – I am. But because right wing bullies never take the time to see if the person they are attacking actually meets their stated criteria.

    I am so afraid for Greece!

  2. deviousdiva
    June 23, 2012    

    Me too, Harolynne Bobis… documented up to my eyeballs but they have said that first they will “rid the country of the filth” (direct quote) meaning undocumented immigrants and then they will move on to ALL foreigners.

    Presumably, they have a plan (hmmm, can we call these things plans or are they just the rantings of xenophobic nazis?) of what to do about people in mixed marriages, adopted or fostered children, naturalised citizens and then all the Greeks who have “foreign blood” somewhere in their, often not so distant, past.

    It goes without saying that they would like to be rid of the Roma. Then, I presume they would move on to gay people, communists, perhaps artists, conciencious objectors (who they consider traitors) etc etc.

    I am so afraid for Greece!

    me too!

  3. Triste
    June 26, 2012    

    Illegal immigrants who kill Greeks should be punished just like anyone else who kills Greeks (including Greeks who kills Greeks) should be punished. Kick these people who do kill Greeks out of the country, bring in the death penalty and kill them legally in a fairly painless way, whatever. All immigrants should not be punished because there are some criminals. Killing random people is not the solution to end illegal immigration in Greece. Find other solutions instead of trying to justify these evil attacks.

  4. June 28, 2012    

    No where do I advocate killing illegal immigrants…but I do advocate putting mines on the border and rounding them and sending them back home…

    and that’s not advocating killing and maiming people? so these particular landmines are going to do what exactly? Are they somehow different to the landmines that everyone else knows about?

  5. June 29, 2012    

    Paul, do you even live in Greece? It seems like you are an Greek-American from your writing style. Regarding Landmines, if the poor person stumbling upon them doesn’t speak Greek or English, or God forbid, doesn’t read at all, then what, we just say OK, he died. Also, from what I see in the Greek news lately, and also from official stats, most of the crimes are committed by Greeks, not immigrants so you should really come over here before buying into all the Cafeneio talk that Greeks gossip about. Example, They broke up a criminal gang that was kidnapping Greeks, and it was mainly Greeks (and only a few Albanians). Also, in one group they found it was a Greek police officer, so how do you like it now? How about you say you don’t like criminals and give the immigrants a break. Google Omaha in early 1900s to see what the KKK thought of Greeks, and then maybe you’ll reflect a bit on the fact that Greeks should know better than to be mean to immigrants since they themselves were the railroad builders, toilet cleaners etc of America and sure Americans treated them bad, but why repeat the same thing now. Greeks always tell me how great Greece is, so why not really show them by being above racism. That’s the challenge.

  6. June 30, 2012    

    Bravo Paul for your education, but that doesn’t impress me as much as a kind heart. So, if you come back and say that “you have a kind heart” you’d get more points with me, as many evil people are educated, just look at politicians as the example. So, I guess we can agree to disagree with most of what you say. However, I will say I don’t also approve of uncontrolled immigration but landmines are NOT the way. Maybe you should go to the sites where they show what happens to people who are attacked by landmines. Ask yourself then if you agree with them.

  7. Chuck Norris
    July 1, 2012    

    Paul, you mentioned in a previous comment that all I had to know was that you were very educated, so in this way, I took it to mean, it is of some value to you, so I countered that for me, a kind heart is more important, as evil people also have education, which you did not comment on for some reason.

    Also, I don’t disagree that illegal immigration is wrong, but I just don’t agree with hate groups that use violence. You appear to agree with this if I am not wrong.

    I also agree that Greek people attacked by Greeks or immigrants, or whoever is bad and I feel sorry for them as I do for any soul.

    Also, if you are concerned in America with the Native Americans being shortchanged, then start a blog where you live in America as Diva has done in Greece. Remember, we live in Greece, not America like you, so we focus our kindness here.

    This is the last response I will make as I don’t think we are going anywhere with this thread.

    Good Day.

  8. Triste
    July 7, 2012    

    Hey Paul J,
    Maybe if Greece got out of the eurozone, there would be less immigrants coming in, and Greeks could also make some money by helping them into the eurozone. I mean isn’t the eurozone a big cause of a lot of Greece’s problems (besides its pillaging polticians and ineffective tax collection from the rich)?

  9. Triste
    July 9, 2012    

    Germany is acting tough, but is it really a bandit? If Greek politicians borrowed all this money, why wouldn’t those who lent it to them expect it to be paid? If you lend anyone money, wouldn’t you want it back. Of course, coupling a credit addicts with credit sources is a problem, but the real problem is still the addicts not the credit sources (they can be used responsibly too). I honestly believe (I could be wrong of course) that if Greece were suddenly to find hundreds of billions of dollars of gold bars buried in some hills by other previous generations and pay off all the debt, it could still run into the same situation again in another ten years if the politicians continue doing the same stuff they did. Hopefully the younger Greeks will change the system and hopefully most won’t shut their eyes to the real problems by singling immigrants or even Greek sections of society and making them to be the problems. The fact that the EU makes Greece responsible for all the illegal immigrants who don’t really want to be in Greece but just enter through it is unfair, but then again Greek politicians must have signed the treaty and made it a reality. I would have walked out from a union trying to impose such an unfair burden on my country rather than signing papers.

  10. July 10, 2012    

    Greece should never have signed the Dublin 2 agreement ( but now it’s done, should try and re-negociate it. Blaming immigrants who do not want to be here but are trapped by the agreement is grossly unfair and at the moment is putting people’s lives in danger.

    Many countries have stopped returning people to Greece because of the unfair (and often criminal) treatment they receive here and because Greece has never implemented the proper asylum procedures it received money to establish.