The only thing necessary for the persistence of evil is for enough good people to do nothing

Assaults Continue Unabated

There are noticeably fewer “foreigners” on the streets these past few weeks. Not surprising given the election of a neo-nazi party into the Greek government whose supporters (and even some candidates) have been stabbing, assaulting and beating random people on the streets. Who is going to stop these thugs?

I was disgusted by the fact that this “party” got an unbelievable 7% of the vote the first time round. Back then many, many people said that they didn’t realise that Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) were a violent neo-nazi group that had been attacking people with impunity. Now that the true nature of the party has been revealed with the “party” spokesman assaulting 2 women on TV and escalating assaults against immigrants, what is their excuse?

I can hardly write anything coherent these days about my horror at seeing these people parading about with their nazi salutes and swastika-style flags and reading about their daily attacks. Don’t forget that these are only the ones we are hearing about. Many people are afraid to come forward because of fear of reprisals, from Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) and from the police in the case of those who have no papers.

Is there any public outrage? I don’t know. I haven’t seen any yet. And I don’t mean TV soundbites or column inches. I mean public protest and solidarity towards the immigrant population. Please let me know if you know of anything so that I can post it here.

Please show your support at one of the most active facebook pages against Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) at We Say No to Golden Dawn. They have almost 30,000 supporters so far and have experienced a massive rise in numbers since the first election. It’s in Greek but even if you don’t read it, you can hit like simply to show solidarity.

Thank you.

June 18th 2012

At 4.42pm Golden Dawn “celebrated” their consolidating election performance yesterday with another attack on an immigrant. A Pakistani national was stabbed last night at Attiki train station. According to Vima, the attack took place at around 23.30, with eye witnesses, confirming the assault and the fact that the attackers were Golden Dawn supporters. The victim was taken to hospital. A video, taken from a mobile phone has already been circulated, showing a number of youths kicking someone who is apparently on the floor. As the video ends, two of the youths can clearly be heard talking, with one asking the other if he used his knife, with the assailant confirming this by saying “it went all the way in”.
The incident is being investigated by the authorities, who hope the security cameras have caught the assault as well as the faces of those who commited it.

Via the Athens News


In the latest in a string of violent attacks on immigrants, police detained 25 people believed to have been involved in the assault and stabbing of a Pakistani man at Attiki metro station, near central Athens, Sunday night, but they were all freed after the victim failed to positively identify them.

A video of the attack, recorded secretly by a bystander and uploaded onto the Internet, showed a group of young men, most of them dressed in black, running down a flight of stairs at a metro station and attacking someone. Cries of “No, no” in broken Greek can be heard, though the victim is barely discernible, as well as an exchange between two of the assailants.

“Did you stick the knife in him?” one asks. “I shoved it in all the way,” another responds.

A police source confirmed that the suspects included members and supporters of Golden Dawn, adding that there had been reports of an argument earlier between migrants and members of Golden Dawn. The extent of the victim’s injuries remained unclear.

Via Kathimerini

June 19th 2012

A 25-year-old Egyptian man had to undergo life-saving surgery and have a kidney removed after being brutally assaulted by two men in Hania, Crete, in the early hours of Tuesday, the state-run Athens-Macedonia News Agency reported.

The 25-year-old was walking on Talos Square in the old town of Hania when he was jumped by two men wielding wooden sticks and a crowbar, according to reports. He was beaten viciously for several minutes before the perpetrators ran off, sustaining life-threatening injuries.

Police are investigating the attack, which comes just days after two homeless Algerian men were attacked and beaten in the same town on Saturday night.

Migrant rights groups have condemned the attacks, which they believe to have been racially motivated.

Via Kathimerini

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