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Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) Horrifies Villagers

Via the Athens News

Like most others in the tiny village of Distomo, that lost 218 lives in a Nazi massacre in 1944, Mina Kotsiou looked on horrified as the extreme-right Golden Dawn party emerged as a surprise winner in Greece’s inconclusive election last month.
Days before a second vote, she is confident that the rest of Greece has caught on to what the central Greek village has known for 68 years – that any group fond of Nazi salutes, Aryan supremacist ideology and Adolf Hitler must only be feared.
Barely a month after Golden Dawn stormed into parliament with 7 percent of the vote, its fortunes are on the wane as stunned Greeks see its members in action: slapping a woman during a TV debate, ordering reporters to stand to attention, denying the Holocaust or smiling next to an Auschwitz oven.

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