The only thing necessary for the persistence of evil is for enough good people to do nothing

And If You’re Still Not Convinced…

that we are facing the possibility of nazis in parliament…


These are the Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) MPs on their first (and hopefully only) day in parliament. They also refused to stand while the two Greek Muslim MPs swore their oath on the Koran instead of the Bible.


  1. Bex
    June 12, 2012    

    There are no words actually (well, there are plenty but it’s hard to know where to even begin).
    How dare they defame what their grandfathers and fathers have been through.

  2. death
    June 13, 2012    

    And the guy on the top right is known as Kaiadas , lead singer in a death metal band. He also “claims” to be a satan worshiper and an atheist.

    Funny thing : they were upvoted by just under half a million Greeks.

  3. DemetriAZ
    June 13, 2012    

    Why are there are 30+ people in the photo if there are only 21 MP’s from Xrisi Avgi? The orifinal photo shows 40+ MP’s all doing the same thing. Nice trying to imply they are doing some sort of Nazi salute! Seems to me they are all holding up the 3 fingers that Orthodox Christians use to make the sign of the cross, but it could be something else.

  4. deviousdiva
    June 13, 2012    

    @DemetriAZ, I can find no evidence at all of this 3 fingered Orthodox salute you talk of apart from the Serbian one which looks nothing like this. Why are you defending their use of nazi symbolism? They openly use the nazi salute. There are hundreds of images of them doing it. Their leader Michaloliakos shocked city council members back in 2010 by giving the nazi salute when he was elected.

    Oh and their flag (that they state very loudly is based on an ancient Greek symbol) bears no resemblance to a swastika, right ?

  5. Chuck Norris
    June 13, 2012    

    In case you didn’t know, Chuck Norris refused to stand up during the Miholiako speech, but none of the Xrisi Avgi guys were brave enough to challenge Chuck Norris.

  6. DemetriAZ
    June 13, 2012    

    I’m not defending anything. I’m pointing out that, despite your implications, this picture has nothing to do with a Nazi salute. There are over 30 MP’s in the picture all doing the same and the uncropped picture has 40 MPs doing this. If there are only 21 Xrisi Avgi MP’s how do you explain the other 20 doing the same. This is not a Nazi salute check this photo of other MPs doing the same thing, those are not the same people in your photo,, I’m pretty sure that is Venizelos in the front row, and that might be Manolis Glezos at the very bottom of the picture, hardly a bunch of Nazis. Like I said it could be something else but those are the 3 fingers used when Orthodox Christians cross ourselves and since Orthodoxy plays a large part in the govt this might have something to do with it.

    Their symbol is the Greek Meander, which is a continuous line, yes its sometimes black and red like the Nazi version of a swastika, but it is an ancient Greek symbol not a play on the swastika, which of course is a broken cross. They feel, and many agree, that they are defending their homeland from an invasion of unwanted immigrants that are a drag on Greek society, are they going about it in the wrong way? Probably, but the success of Xrisi Avgi is proof positive that decent people have nowhere to go in the choice of political vehicles from which we are supposed to choose. I support them because I have old theas that live in Agios Panteleimonas and they are two of people that you hear about XA escorting to the bank or store and helping out w/ some food at the end of the month, ect. They are standing up for the people that the other parties have forgotten about and left behind in the decaying center of Athens. Its too bad that the legitimate govt cant take care of these people and that some citizens have to rely on “Nazis” and “thugs”, but they, the govt, are to busy lining their pockets and selling out the people and resources of Greece to the Trioka.

  7. deviousdiva
    June 13, 2012    

    I stand corrected on the salute in the parliament. That still does not mean that they do not use the nazi salute. If you do a search for Michaloliakos in the city council, you will find the video. And countless images of the members using the nazi salute.

    But you support them!!! Enough said.