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Golden Dawn Deny Involvement In Attacks

Via the Athens News

Ever since the end of the of the first round of the country’s election battle, the capital has been rocked by a series of brutal attacks on unregistered migrants, all of which have looked and felt like textbook Golden Dawn attacks.

Each attack’s m.o. has been similar, with a well orchestrated group of helmeted thugs, barging into metro trains and physically abusing immigrants, or roaming the streets in small biker groups, singling out targets and attacking them.

While Golden Dawn have refused that any of these incidents have been carried out by party members, saying that it is all a part of an elaborate media plan to demonise them and thus slash their potential election results on June 17, it has really been impossible to find any other suspects for this series of beating and stabbings that have been inflicted on the migrant population of Greece.

If however Golden Dawn were hoping of actually uncovering a conspiracy and distancing themselves from such incidents, then yesterday night’s events will have certainly put a dent in their efforts to prove their innocence.

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  1. deviousdiva
    June 10, 2012    

    What would Chrysi Avgi have to gain from violence against immigrants?

    They are not thinking about what they gain in political terms. It’s simply what they do. They have been doing it for years, it’s just now people are starting to hear about it.

    BTW The quote that assign to me is, as usual, not mine. This was an article from the Athens News.