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The Rise of Golden Dawn

Via the New York Times


On a recent morning in the upper-middle-class neighborhood of Papagou here, members of the Greek ultranationalist group Golden Dawn stood at an outdoor vegetable market campaigning for the coming national elections.

“This is our party’s program, for a clean Greece, only for Greeks, a safe Greece,” Ilias Panagiotaros, the group’s spokesman and a candidate for office, said as he handed out leaflets.

He approached an older woman, who recounted how a relative had been robbed of about $800. “They threw her on the ground, they took the 600 euros she had withdrawn from the bank to pay for her husband’s nursing home,” the woman said. “She was even a Communist, and she told me, ‘I’m going to Golden Dawn to report this.’ ”

The exchange was a telling sign of how the hard-core group — better known for its violent tangles with immigrants in downtown Athens and for the Nazi salutes that some members perform at rallies — has been trying to broaden its appeal, capitalizing on fears that illegal immigration has grown out of control at a time when the economy is bleeding jobs.

Many polls indicate that in the national elections scheduled for May 6, Golden Dawn may surpass the 3 percent threshold needed to enter Parliament. The group has been campaigning on the streets, something that mainstream politicians have avoided for fear of angry reactions by voters who blame them for Greece’s economic collapse.


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  1. The Verve
    April 23, 2012    

    The irony is overwhelming…the communist lady that gets robbed reporting to Golden Dawn – crazy!

    At this rate, Golden Dawn are going to end up owning the streets. Although the circumstances & ideologies are different, GD’s rise has some parity with the mafia in southern Italy & the yakuza in Japan. They have become the unofficial protectors of their respective socieities. Perhaps this should not be so surprising, all 3 countries are patriarchal to their very core. Everyone wants to be the big boss-man & when the biggest boss-man i.e. the government doesn’t do his job properly he can expect someone else to muscle in.

    Furthermore the media has unwittingly aided the rise of GD & others of the far-right. Most newspaper reporters are left-leaning, poorly-paid beta males who are trying to castigate & vilify what are mostly bonafide alpha males. Michalakos, Karatzaferis, Voridis & Georgiades may not be the most charming guys but they are positively alpha. These beta reporters think that they are in England where political correctness rules the day, in Greece very few people are pc. It just doesn’t work. The only people that can cut down Michalakos & co. down to size are people like Antonis Kanakis who is also an alpha male & who is genuinely funny. It takes an alpha to deal with an alpha, facts of life.