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Objections to Athens Mosque

Via the Athens News

THE PASOK government’s decision last year to convert an unused naval building in Eleonas, near downtown Athens, into a mosque is being fought at the Council of State. Metropolitan of Piraeus Serafim and a group of 10 other citizens are challenging the decision for the education ministry to cover the cost of renovating the building.

According to Serafim, any decision to build a mosque is “unconstitutional” and “anti-Greek”. The pending case has frozen conversion plans.
This is the latest twist in a decades-long saga. There is no official mosque in Athens, and ambassadors of Arab countries have been calling on Greece to build a proper mosque in the capital for more than 30 years.

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  1. A Greek
    April 27, 2012    

    Are those same Arab countries showing rational consistency and also calling on Saudi Arabia to allow the building of christian churches, Jewish Synagogues, and Buddhist temples in Mecca?

    And how about the bigotted foreign nationalist with prejudices against Greeks….. that maintain websites dedicated strictly to demonizing Greek (as if only Greeks do wrong)…. then has the audacity to frame their hate filled vitriol as “human rights”.