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Asylum Failures

Via Deutsche Welle

Thousands of undocumented migrants leave their homes every year for a European Union they believe to be the promised land. But for the ones caught at the Greek-Turkish border, refugee camps prove to be quite a different reality. Huddled together in cold, unhygienic camps with no warm water and no separate rooms for men and women, they face long waits for asylum.

Aid organizations have repeatedly called foul over the conditions, raising the attention of the EU and now of Athens.

At an EU migration law conference at the Academy of European Law (ERA) in Trier, Germany, Loukia Kotroni of Greece’s foreign ministry admitted that Greece was behind in processing many cases, due to a lack of personnel.

“There was a huge problem with the refugee camps because we didn’t have enough space. And when you don’t detain people, they disappear and you can’t repatriate them.”


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