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The Two Faces of Fortress Europe

Two articles appeared in the Athens News in the past few days. The first is about the fact that the EU needs more migrant workers to fill job vacancies.

After years spent trying to build “Fortress Europe” to keep undocumented migrants out of the European Union, Brussels now wants to make it easier for immigrants to get in and boost the 27-member bloc’s economies

The second is about the fence/wall that is being built along the border with Turkey, to keep immigrants out. In my opinion, Europe wants to be able to pick and choose its immigrants. To choose “desirable” immigrants. It has no interest in helping those people fleeing countries that it has destroyed in its quest for more power and resources. No. It wants skilled migrants that can boost its economy.  


What do you think?

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  1. Mike Graham
    November 30, 2011    

    Building a wall to keep immigrants out? Are we back in the dark ages?