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Depriving Poor People

According to the non-governmental organisation, Klimaka, there  are approximately 20,000 homeless people in Athens. Then why, I ask, has Greece

made use of less than half of EU subsidies destined for food programs for the poor last year

In real terms, it means that only around 10 million euros out of over 20 million euros was used. These funds were specifically destined for food programs to feed people. This also means that funds for the next year are likely to be cut drastically (to around 4.8 million euros) at a time when the numbers of homeless and poverty striken people are rising rapidly. Homelessness has risen by 25% since last year.

It never ceases to shock and astound me that the Greek government can be so irresponsible and callous in not using or “losing” EU money that is meant to help its most vulnerable people.

For the full article go to Kathimerini

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