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Jewish Groups Concerned About Laos


Many Jewish groups are voicing their concerns at the inclusion of the extreme right wing party Laos in the new coalition government. Their leader Karatzaferis, has openly declared that he is anti-semitic and once asked the parliament after 9/11, why all the Jews were warned not to go to work that day. According to the coalition parties, no Laos leader will be participating in the provisional government. This is conflicting information to other articles I have read. I will keep you posted…

In recent days, the Central Committee of German Jews published a letter calling on European countries to pressure larger political parties in Greece to refuse to cooperate with Karatzaferis and his party. Meanwhile, committee chairman Dieter Graumann told Germany’s Bild, “A professed anti-Semitic politician cannot serve in a government with which the German government will need to negotiate billions in aid,” according to The Jerusalem Post.

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  1. nick
    November 16, 2011    

    This is a joke. I don’t subsdcribe to LAOS but it is a joke. TV channels in Germany and elsewhere make ten films like the notorious “Der Ewige Jude” every day against Greece. What about those ? Jews and Greeks feel pain the same way. It’s a joke when instead of bashing the racists we search around for some obscure statements from LAOS, 5-1-15 years ago ! Utter garbage.

  2. deviousdiva
    November 16, 2011    


    Karatzaferis spouts this kind of anti-semitic garbage on a regular basis in his newspaper and on TV. At the moment, he is trying to distance himself from his own comments but he cannot cover up the fact that he has openly declared himself to be an anti-Semite. He is doing this to secure himself a place in the interim coalition now that people are waking up to the facts of who they are getting cozy with.