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A Mosque in Athens 2

THE NORWAY massacres unleashed a Europe-wide torrent of reports in the media about immigration and Islam. Back here in Greece, the government hurled itself into yet another debate over whether Athens’ Muslim immigrants should have their own official mosque.

While non-Orthodox churches and synagogues have been established in Athens, the city is the only capital in the EU-15 that still lacks an official site for Muslim congregational prayer. No mosque has officially operated in the capital since the Greek War of Independence ended Ottoman rule nearly 200 years ago.

Arab ambassadors have been calling on Greece to build a proper mosque in the capital for more than 30 years. This battle is now being fought by the city’s growing immigrant Muslim community.

The lack of an official mosque in Athens is an impediment to the integration of immigrant Muslims. Most mainstream politicians agree, including the prime minister. In December he said the right to a place of worship is “fundamental”.

Read the full “Move Islam Out of the Basement” at the Athens News


  1. Jackson Fletcher
    August 22, 2011    

    Greece should build a mosque for these people to pray. It should be paid for by us Brits because we are responsible for making these people flee from their countries in the first place. Decades of irresponsible foreign policy and wars have caused the immigration problems which frontline countries like Greece are now paying for. They are bankrupt, they shouldn’t be expected to pay for our mess. When the mosque is built, a British official should stand outside the doors and hand out airline tickets and British I.D cards to Muslims and invite them to come and live in the UK because we are responsible for misery and suffering we’ve caused these people.

  2. Twinkle
    August 23, 2011    

    I don’t understand the “official mosque” bit. Any place where Moslems worship is a mosque be it in a basement or anywhere else. If Moslems were to collect funds and build an architecturally impressive mosque for a large number of worshipers in Athens, would they be stopped. If not that is perhaps what they should do instead of relying on a government to build one, especially a government that doesn’t seem to want to build one for whatever reasons. I personally don’t approve of governments building any places of worship. If the worshipers care enough, they can build them.

    As for Britain doing anything to claim responsibility for causing wars that cause suffering, Jack Fletcher, dream on. What country admits to anything excepts sometimes ages later?

  3. Jackson Fletcher
    August 23, 2011    

    Yeah, i suppose it’s asking too much for Britain to take responsibility for the misery we’ve caused millions of people over the years. But seeing as we’re still causing misery and suffering to people, causing them to flee their countries, i think it’s morally right that we should support the countries who are taking the full force of immigration. We should be campaigning for our government to stop the wars and provide financial support to frontline countries such as Greece. Instead, we carry on our wars causing even more immigration problems for Greece AND THEN have the balls to criticise Greeks for the way they cope with the huge influx of immigrants…..WE SHOULD BE GIVING EVERY IMMIGRANT A ONE WAY TICKET TO BLIGHTY.

  4. Jackson Fletcher
    August 23, 2011    

    On the mosque issue, i think everyone has the right to have a place of worship in the country they live in. And the mosque should be paid for by the authorities, not private individuals.

  5. Jackson Fletcher
    August 23, 2011    

    It would be nice to have an “open mic” day on here to pose questions and learn more about each other. I would like to ask American visitors to this blog the following question:

    “How would you react if 30 million Muslims suddenly descended into your country from your borders with Canada and Mexico? Would you welcome them with open arms like you are expecting Greece to do?”

    (30 million Muslims are 10% of US population, equivalent to Greece)

  6. Twinkle
    August 24, 2011    

    I am sure mosts Americans probably would not be happy at the idea of 30 million Moslems suddenly coming into America from their borders with Canada and Mexico. However, that is not a problem that would arise anyway for the probability of 30 million Moslems going into Mexico and Canada for the purpose of suddenly getting into America is astronomically small. Zero practically. That said, there are over 2 million Moslems in America, some say more. The true number is not know for various reasons including people not being asked about religion due to legal reasons. There are also people of Moslem origins who do not attend religious services and don’t think of themselves as Molsems, etc. (I knew a girl of Moslem origins once who told me she wanted to eat pork and didn’t like the fact that she was conditioned not to and her parents had no problem with her or her sisters marrying non-Moslems. One of them, at least, did with parental blessings.) As well, at least 10% of American residents are foreign born or immigrants. Their children make up quite a percentage, but if born in America are counted as Americans not immigrants.I don’t know about Americans who want Greeks to welcome Moslems with open arms, but it is fair to say that America is a country that is not hostile to immigrants. There are many successful Moslem immigrants too who enjoy the same rights and benefits as everyone else.

    Greece has its own particular history and mindset with particular things, and I don’t think it can be compared with America for things like immigration.

  7. Jackson Fletcher
    August 24, 2011    

    Thanks Twinkle for your honest answer. “..Most Americans probably would not be happy at the idea of 30 million Moslems suddenly coming into America..”…Ouch…ain’t that the truth… alot of Americans come on here and criticise Greeks for not wanting a huge influx of Muslims coming into their country but it seems that most of them don’t want them in their country either. Can we say hypocrisy? Can we say DOUBLE STANDARDS? Yes we can!

  8. Twinkle
    August 25, 2011    

    I am sure Jack Fletcher that any Americans who might have criticized Greece for not welcoming a sudden influx of 30 million Moslems would not be any Americans who do not like Moslems. It is no secret that since 911 Moslems in America have been the target of a lot of hatred and even physical attacks including murder. There are some Moslems who even moved out of America due to this hatred. I am sure the likes of Anne Coulter who go about lecturing against them would not write such comments on this blog or anywhere else. Americans generally are not hypocrites. If they hate Moslems or anyone they openly admit it and would tell Greeks to kick them out or whatever. There are all sorts of Americans , and maybe the ones who criticize Greece, criticize their own country too for the treatment of people. I generally don’t see Americans as hypocrites myself, with the exception of some politicians of course (but heh which country doesn’t have those?)

    Moslems are quite feared in a lot of parts of the world, aren’t they?. I suppose it is due to the extreme faces of Islam we see through coverage of the Taliban, etc. Countries like Greece that have been formerly ruled by Moslems remember things from their history too no doubt. I have seen some coverage about a mosque that was supposed to be built somewhere some years back and local people in the area opposed it. One guy even brought a giant cross to the place. Apparently, Moslems didn’t want it there either for there were no Moslems in the area or something. I just wonder if Greeks would allow a big mosque to be built in Athens even if the Moslems funded it themselves. It seems to me like being free of Ottoman rule is still an important part of the Greek identity. The fact that Greece had very few immigrants until about 20 years ago as well as other factors may play a part as well. I’m sure it will be sorted out in the end.

  9. soula
    September 2, 2011

    Europe should not give asylum to muslims for this reason.

    Afghan Convert to Christianity Attacked at Norway Asylum Reception Center

    point is asylum seeker even if he fits true definition does not == innocent human rights respecting person