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Border Trench Begun


Greece has begun work on a trench along its border with Turkey. The trench, originally intended to relieve flood pressure on the river Evros, is also intended to keep out thousand of illegal migrants from Turkey.

 Greece has taken matters into its own hand in its attempt to stem the flow of illegal immigrants arriving from Turkey: it has started building a 120-kilometer moat along the Evros River near the Turkish border. The water-filled trench, one of the Greece largest projects along the river, will be 30 meters wide and seven meters deep, according to the Greek newspapers Ta Nea and Ta Vima.  The first 14.5 kilometer section has just been completed near the town of Orestiada in northern Greece.

“It’s a military operation, officials have kept it secret for the last few months,” said Deutsche Welle correspondent, Christine Pirovolakis, explaining why so little had been heard so far about the trench.


Read the full article at Deutsche Welle


  1. Jackson Fletcher
    August 7, 2011    

    Actually, i read that this trench is an answer to Turkey buying 36 bridge-laying tanks which were bought to cross the Evross River. Greece felt threatened and countered this move by digging anti-tank trenches. If Greece really wanted to stem the flow of immigrants, they’d building a simple barbed wire or electric fencing like the American border police have done to keep the Mexicans out.. i don’t think a trench would do much good to keep immigrants out…I think you’ve got your knickers in a twist over nothing, love…

  2. Jackson Fletcher
    August 7, 2011    

    A trench 30 metres wide filled with water…all the immigrants will have to do is to swim 30 metres across it! What a pathetic attempt to portray Greeks as being as xenophobic by insinuating that they’re “building an anti-immigrant trench”. If you read the article it says it was a “military operation”, there’s a clue in that…

  3. Soula
    August 10, 2011    

    Yes we are anti immigration…too many already here and crap economy so we can not help ourselves much less others. and plus we want Greece to stay Greek..just like black countries want to remain black, japan japanese, china chinese, israel jewish etc.

    and the audacity of us to take matters in our own hand..who were we supposed to get the ok from or wait on…the EU, Turkey..

    Diva you and your kind just want to work for the end of Europe and Greece.. Most of these immigrants are Muslim and their are many many wealthy Muslim countries including Turkey they can go to and stay.

    And as far as refugees are concerned we have no capacity for them

    neither does the UK look at all the rioting taking place in Britain…notice the faces of whose doing it. a failure. and a genocide against European natives issued by banking elitists to destroy the one safe sane civilization to bring it down and have just a mass of poor people to exploit without a sense of identity or unity to resist their evil NWO.

  4. Jackson Fletcher
    August 10, 2011    

    The riots in the UK has wiped the smile off some smug British faces. During the riots in Greece and Spain, most Brits thought “We are so lucky to be living in a civilised country and don’t have to see that sort of thing on our streets”. The arrogance of us Brits is astounding. These people got a rude awakening when the riots started in UK……….. To indicate how much more culturally sophisticated the Greeks and Spaniards are, the riots in Greece were about pension and wages cuts i.e. VALID PROTESTS, our rioters in the UK just wanted to loot shops and steal flat screen TVs…Even when rioting, we are a disgrace…yet some of us think we should be teaching the Greeks about protest and human rights, when it should be other way round…….

  5. Jackson Fletcher
    August 11, 2011    

    I wonder how many American do-gooders have come onto this blog complaining about Greece’s anti-immigrant fences and trenches and ignore their own Border Patrol policy of shooting Mexicans on sight…

  6. Twinkle
    August 11, 2011    


    Your country’s police seems to be quite pathetic to let this looting go on for so long.At least 5 nights! Has it even ended yet? Perhaps the Olympic Games should go elsewhere rather than to a place where the cops are so pathetic.

  7. Jackson Fletcher
    August 12, 2011    

    Yes, they should give the Olympics back to Greece – I think it should be held in Athens EVERYTIME and it should be paid for by the whole world.
    Can you believe that one of the rioters who was caught was a British Olympic athlete? Unbelievable….
    I think it’s time we brits got some stick for the olympics. For the Olympic Games in athens, we doubted the Greeks could provide security and our media was telling people not to travel to Athens because it wasn’t “safe”. We also said that the Olympics would have to be postponed because the Greeks “won’t be ready”. We also said that it was a mistake to hold the World Cup in South africa because of the “crime” and it “wasn’t safe”.
    The riots in the UK one year before the Olympics is karma. The whole world is now asking if it’s safe to come to London! Don’t you just love it when arrogance and xenophobia turns round and bites people in the ass?

  8. demetri
    October 12, 2011    

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