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Far-Right On The Rise

They descended by the hundreds — black-shirted, bat-wielding youths chasing down dark-skinned immigrants through the streets of Athens and beating them senseless in an unprecedented show of force by Greece’s far-right extremists.

In Greece, alarm is rising that the twin crises of financial meltdown and soaring illegal immigration are creating the conditions for a right-wing rise — and the Norway massacre on Monday drove authorities to beef up security.

The move comes amid spiraling social unrest that has unleashed waves of rioting and vigilante thuggery on the streets of Athens. The U.N.’s refugee agency warns that some Athens neighborhoods have become zones where “fascist groups have established an odd lawless regime.”

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  1. Jackson Fletcher
    August 3, 2011    

    According to your article:

    “Even as Greece founders under mountains of debt, illegal immigrants have been streaming into the country across the Turkish border — turning Greece into the migrant world’s gateway to Europe. Last year, Greece accounted for 90 percent of the bloc’s detected illegal border crossings, compared to 75 percent in 2009.”
    With statistics like those, i’m not surprised that far-right groups are on the rise………………………………………………
    It would be more helpful if you campaigned for immigrants to go to other countries, rather than keep bashing the poor greek people with hateful propaganda. …………………………………….
    Why don’t you create a blog calling for the abolishment of the Dublin Agreement which keeps immigrnats in this poor country…Why don’t you create a blog calling for our governemnt in the UK to stop the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, this will be far better than spreading hatred and disdain against the suffering people of Greece.

  2. mariakis
    August 3, 2011    

    So, Jackson Fletcher, you think it’s ok for people to join far-right extremist parties because Greeks are suffering from the mismanagement of their country by their politicians and the large number of people who have used the corrupt system. I don’t see how you can believe that wanting to control immigration means that you join a nazi party and that’s ok?

  3. pj
    August 3, 2011    

    @ mariakis

    I don’t think “Jackson Fletcher” is really a supporter of the far-right. He does, however, have an unhealthy fixation on the owner of this blog and keeps popping up under various pseudonyms to attack her here. The last thing he is interested in is Greece, the Greek people or human rights, and he sees the rise of violent extremism in this country as just another stick with which to beat Devious Diva.

  4. Jackson Fletcher
    August 3, 2011    

    Actually, i hate the far-right and I’m against every extremist whatever politicial or religious denomination they happen to be……….It just suits you to pigeon-hole me and try to put words in my mouth cos i’ve rumbled you……..Brits such as Diva and pj pretend they have better morals than Greeks, they love to come here and take the p*ss out the “backward Greeks” SO I’M HERE TO LET EVERYONE KNOW WHAT WE BRITS ARE REALLY LIKE, we love to elevate ourselves above ,as if our moral compass and sense of human rights is more advanced than theirs…………bollocks, we brits have no right telling ANYONE about their human rights record in such as sanctimonious way on hate blogs such as this, especially not the Greeks or mediterraneans who are much more culturally sophisticated than us anyway…….That’s why pj is all het up that i’ve rumbled him and his mate the “diva”….Just for the record, I SUPPORT IMMIGRATION but it won’t help anyone if immigrants go to poor countries, but Diva and pj dont really care about the immigrants…… I advocate immigrants going to the country OF THEIR CHOICE and not be forced by the Dublin agreement and other stupid laws (which pj and diva advocate) silly laws which force people to to stay in the first EU country they arrive at i.e. poor bankrupt Greece………..pj and Diva have never denounced this stupid law, all they do is say how terrible the greek people are, joining Nazis, hating foreigners, being racist etc non-stop hatred toward Greek people on this hate blog……
    I never said that it’s ok to join a Nazi party, but can’t you see that THIS LEVEL OF UNCONTROLLED IMMIGRATION INTO A BANKRUPT COUNTRY will only cause people to do extreme things? You are both living in cloud cuckoo land if you think that this level of immigration won’t create a backlash among the people living in a country whose politicians are slashing their pensions and jobs because of a lack of funds…….Instead of complaining that the Greek people are far-right extemist racists who hate foreigners, maybe you should be doing something useful for a change………You should be advocating that the immigrants get out of poor Greece and going to countries which can afford them, such as OUR country PJ and DIVA. But you don’t want to do that for some reason, you prefer to watch the immigrants suffer in squalid conditions in a bankrupt country so you can point the finger at Greeks and call them racists…..We Brits can be right c*nts sometimes….

  5. soula
    August 6, 2011    

    my ancestors did not fight off the Turks to hand over our country to Somalis, Pakistanis, etc. Greece should remain Greek. end of nonsense.

  6. Jackson Fletcher
    August 7, 2011    

    Too late soula i’m afraid, there are too mnay British do-gooders like Diva and pj in your country. They’re making life MISERABLE for both Greeks and immigrants with the insistence on keeping immigrants in Greece. All the Somalis, Pakistanis, afghans, Algerians, Iraqis want to leave Greece and go to richer countries but her majesty the Diva wants them all to suffer by keeping them in poor Greece…….If she had a heart she’s be lobbying for the abolishment of the Dublin Agreement but all she wants to do is keep the immigrants in Greece in squalid conditions, and then portray you as “racist backward Greeks”. It makes us Brits feel better about our inherent racism knowing that other people are racist too. (In fact, Greeks want most immigrants out for economic reasons mainly, we Brits don’t immigrants for racist reasons….) it’s a fact which pj and Diva don’t want to address…it gives us pangs of guilt you see…much easier to point the finger of racism elsewhere…but when we point our finger against Greeks we have another three fingers pointing back at us….

  7. The Verve
    September 21, 2011    

    Extremism of any kind is deplorable & will not help in any way to solve the country’s problems. Most immigrants as we are already aware would like to leave Greece & move to greener pastures but this creates a host of other problems that are just not discussed openly enough.

    We live in the technological age & economies that take advantage of this are the ones that thrive. In Europe, Germany is the leading example. It’s an economy that has an insatiable need for qualified engineers & highly skilled professionals in a great many fields. It requires people that are articulate, intelligent, hardworking, disciplined, well-educated & willing to learn german if they are a migrant. How many of the immigrants that have arrived on europe’s periphery would be able to fit the bill if they were given the chance to move to Germany…or any other north european economy for that matter.

    Does the average Pakistani, Afghani, Iraqi or Somalian migrant have the skills & fortitude to contribute in such economies? Even if they do not possess the skills & university diplomas due to conditions in their countries of origin, would they be willing to acquire these in their new home? We do know that some migrants from impoverished backgrounds do make such an effort when given the chance. This is wondeful & will help bring these people out of poverty and contributing members in the host country.

    Unfortunately a large number of migrants simply don’t take this road. We already have several case studies, in Germany many Turkish youths don’t even bother to learn german & they perform badly academically. This locks them out of the formal economy and will naturally make them feel alienated & jaded.

    In Sweden, probably the most liberal country in the world the situation may even be worse. It has gradually turned into Europe’s rape capital because young males, predominanlty of middle-eastern & north african origins think it’s ok to sexually force themselves onto Swedish women. On top of that Jewish people in Malmo have to leave that city because they are no longer safe there. The reason: Islamic youths assault Jews at any given opportunity, synagogues are also prone to vandalism.

    So we get a bunch of social problems that makes life difficult for the host population, even in countries that have a fantastic track record for dealing with migrants & human rights. As technology moves forward the need to acquire more skills will be a prerequisite for any employee to stay relevant. Yes, this will also be needed in Greece. The country has no choice but to change, it will need to become a high-touch & high-tech society or it will suffer the consequences even more so than it does now. Young europeans don’t have a problem here, they are acquiring the skills and can make the adjustments needed to cease the day. Migrants on the other hand will need a total culture change, they need to take the evolutionary step
    to become useful citizens in the european context. There simply is no other way, they will have to abandon the past & adopt the new paradigm. Otherwise they will continue to wallow in poverty which will only continue feeding the cycle of social ills facing Europe.

  8. Twinkle
    September 27, 2011    

    Hi Verve,

    I would like to see some hard statistics, preferably from a police source, about middle-eastern and north-African immigrants being the ones turning Sweden into the rape capital of Europe in order to be convinced. How many rapes are there a year (I understand, there is wider definition of what constitutes rape in Sweden than in many other places)and how many of them are middle-eastern or north-African? Also is there a difference in how the rapes are publicized based on ethnicity of the perpetrator?

    Also, the young Turkish people in Germany choosing to live there on a long-term basis but refusing to learn German must indeed be fools. How many such fools can there be? I just have trouble believing that such people can exist in large numbers.

  9. Mike
    April 17, 2012    

    (The Greeks have a right to fight for their borders, language, and culture(Michael Savage) if the government is not stemming this illegal alien invasion. The do- gooders or so-called Progressive left is blind to the reality of the Islamization of Europe and Greece. If you look at the fate of the Christians, Jews or other religions in countries like: Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt or even the Christian Palistinneans then you will see the future Greece. The birth rates amongst the Greeks is low whereas the Muslims have a high birthrate and it won’t take long for the Greeks to become a despised minority like the Coptic Christians in Egypt. I don’t blame my fellow Greeks, in Greece, for taking this in their own hands when their politicians keep granting amnesty to these so-called immigrants.