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A Mosque in Athens

A site for the future construction of a Muslim mosque was identified in the Eleonas district of inner city Athens, based on an amendment tabled in Parliament as a rider sponsored by the environment, energy and climate change ministry and co-signed by other responsible ministries, it was announced on Friday.

UPDATE: I have just been informed that this plan has been withdrawn as “a gesture of goodwill” to the far-right party LAOS who have objected to the proposal from the start.

Read the full article at the Athens News




  1. Jackson Fletcher
    August 2, 2011    

    I am waiting for the proof that “this plan has been withdrawn as a gesture of goodwill to the far-right party LAOS”.

    The article you linked says nothing of the sort…

  2. Jackson Fletcher
    August 3, 2011    

    Still waiting….