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Citizenship Ruling Due December


Via the Athens News

GREECE’S highest administrative court, the Council of State, is scheduled to rule at the end of the year on whether children born to immigrant parents can be granted automatic citizenship.

The court will also examine whether immigrants who are longterm permanent residents in the country have the right to vote.
This highly controversial case, which was brought before the court by Athens lawyer Ioannis Andriopoulos, is challenging the constitutionality of the ruling Pasok government’s immigration law (3838/2010).

Andriopoulos filed the suit in October 2010 and after a postponement the court set December 2 as the date to make a final decision that will directly affect the future of hundreds of thousands of youngsters living in Greece.

Immigrants make up 10 percent of the country’s population. A ruling against the law will be a major blow to the government’s immigrant policymaking and historic overhaul of Greece’s decades-old system of citizenship rules on the naturalisation of immigrants and their children.

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  1. Soula
    July 19, 2011    

    this along with the economic genocide is a demographic genocide against greece.

    African countries can be majority native black, Japan Japanese, China remain Chinese, but European countries must be blended out of existence according to your New World Order anti-European anti-Christian philosophy.

    Diva = promoter of genocide against Greeks

  2. Jackson Fletcher
    July 20, 2011    

    It wouldn’t be so bad if Greece could take these people in but Greece is bankrupt.
    I find it bizarre that there are people like Diva who want to encourage immigration into a country which has a hard enough time to look after it’s own citizens.
    Actually, i think it’s the height of arrogance to expect a poor nation like Greece to take care of people who flee their countries because of the bombs and bullets raining down on them from our country. It’s the UK who should be taking in these people and providing the jobs, housing, food, health care, education that they need…it’s time we stopped expecting other countries to deal with the mess we cause around the world. Diva, I think you should be lobbying the British government to stop bombing Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and creating immigrants, instead of demonising the Greek people on your blog for simply not being able to cope with human wave after human wave of war-ravaged destitute people…

  3. Michael Forest
    July 20, 2011    

    Things are bad in Greece but nowhere does Diva “encourage immigration”. and nowhere does she write about accepting immigrants from countries involved in the mess that is the world. are you really going to accuse the diva of all that? As well as the made up things, you accuse her of, you worry about her caring about “humans”. quite a few times? did you forget what the word means?

  4. Jackson Fletcher
    July 21, 2011    

    Thank you Michael for speaking on behalf of the “Diva”. Is she too much of a Diva now to speak for herself?
    Of course Diva encourages immigration – if people are poor and destitute and they want to move to a European country to better their lives, i’m sure Diva would ENCOURAGE them to do so. She will also encourage these people to seek their human rights even though these people moved to a country which is not in a position to grant these people what they want or indeed, what they are entitled to. These people are entitled to basic and fundamental rights like education, food, health care etc which GREECE SIMPLY CANNOT PROVIDE because of dire economic and social upheaval in their country at this time.

    Therefore, rather than blaming Greeks all the time, maybe it would be more productive if Diva and your goodself started doing something REALLY HELPFUL for these poor people such as:

    a) lobbying for the abolition of the Dublin Agreement which prevents immigrants from travelling to countries of THEIR CHOICE, instead of having to stay in a poor country which can’t offer them what they want and need.

    b) lobbying our government in the UK to stop our stupid and pointless wars in the middle east which creates refugees in the first place.

    c) doing Greece and immigrants a favour by requesting our government in the UK bring in coaches and jets to take these people to the UK where we have ample space and resources to deal with such a large number of people.

    The illegal immigrants of greece will be so grateful to you for doing any of the above …but no.. you and Diva just want to bash Greeks rather than doing anything productive.

  5. Jackson Fletcher
    July 21, 2011    

    I love how we Brits get all sanctimonious about how the Greeks and other “backward nations” are towards ethnic minorities. Let me remind the readers of this blog that the UK is a breeding ground for the most virulent forms of racism and intolerance. The “indigenous” British public is the most intolerant and most racist society in Europe. We can do with Diva coming back here to do her work because the UK needs her anti-racism crusade much more than the wonderful and tolerant people of Greece do. So please, less of the bashing of the Greeks and more of the lobbying which would do away with stupid laws like the Dublin Agreement II…but i suppose that lobbying seems too much like hard work for some people. It’s much easier to demonise a whole nation by posting negative articles on a one-sided hate blog..

  6. soula
    July 24, 2011    

    we do not hate these people but even before this economic crisis they were just too many and we are not the usa to give citizenship to so many non greeks we are swamped anyway enough these people must go back….or send them to Israel, UK, or wherevr

  7. Jackson Fletcher
    July 25, 2011    

    soula, i am sure that Greeks don’t hate these people. I have travelled to Greece and i found Greeks among the most welcoming, friendly and hospitable people i have come across. To portray a whole nation as somehow being racist and intolerant is the height of disrespect and arrognace from Diva. She knows as well as i do that the best thing for these people is to bring them to the UK, there is plenty of room, plenty of resources in order to house, feed and water these people. But being an arrogant do-gooder, Diva insists on making these people suffer by demanding they stay and suffer in poor countries like Greece.
    Instead of campaigning to abolish the Dublin Agreement (which forces immigrants to stay in their first country of entry), people like Diva prefer these poor people to suffer in a poor country and then to demonise Greece on her hate blog. When will she realise that she will do immigrants a big favour by campaigning for what they really want, i.e. an opportunity to travel to their country of choice instead of being forced to stay in a poor country which can do nothing for them.
    Campaigning for the abolishment of stupid laws and illegal wars would be FAR MORE beneficial for immigrants than conducting a one-man hate campaign against a poor country on the internet…
    But that would mean Diva got off her arse and did something useful and that seems like too much like hard work…much easier to type sh*t on a blog..

  8. Soula
    July 28, 2011    

    Also Jackson, can the UK really take in more people?

    Really this mass immigration of asylum seekers and economic immigrants must stop or no country will preserve its native culture and peoplehood

    Multi-culturalism is a source of friction most times. look at Lebanon Muslims and Christians not getting along. why bring this into Europe
    most muslims are nice people but that does not mean we hand over Europe to them…

    Tell me what African country or people would welcome their country becoming 20% Chinese 20%Latino 20% Indian %30 native %10 others etc.
    Would the Japanese like it if Japan became sless than 95% Japanese much less 60 or 40 percent like we in Europe are headed no…this is genocide..

    Genocide of Europeans

    Bureaucratic authoritarian regimes like the EU love it because society is more fractious so can not stand up to authority as effectively and will busy the people by inciting them against one another

    this is the real reason..multiculturalism and massive massive immigration is promoted.

    This economic crisis is going to empty the country of its tops brains.

    Economics, is another topic…all countries should print their own money…not privately owned banks that charge interest for creating accounting entries.

    If Greece had never joined the Euro it would have been better off.
    and the EU too…they have done nothing to help us with Turkey or our borders or Cyprus.

  9. Jackson Fletcher
    July 28, 2011    

    hi Soula, not only can the UK take these people in but i think we have the responsibility to take these people in. For too long we have been waging war in these poor countries, colonising and plundering their wealth and building an Empire, it’s time we gave a little back…it’s time we repaid these people by allowing them to come to the UK and make a life for themselves.

    It’s inevitable that people will migrate for economic reasons and it’s time we accepted this. We cannot stop something which is inevitable and something which we would do if we were in their position. Let’s not be hypocrites.

    We have to accept that people will want to move to better their lives but we must make sure that these people go to countries which can take them and not funnel them into poor countries which will just bring misery to the host population as well as the immigrants themselves.
    That’s why i’m so angry with people like Diva and other do-gooders who portray Greeks and other nations as intolerant people who “have a lot to learn” when it comes to the treatment of foreigners and ethnic minorities. Just because Greece doesn’t have the resources to give immigrants what they need, it doesn’t mean Greeks are intolerant or racist.
    Diva goes on about old ladies in the street looking at her “funny” and comes to the conclusion that the old lady must be a racist. Diva then generalises and misrepresents her experiences and demonises the “racist greeks” on her blog. It doesn’t even enter her brain that the old lady is not accustomed to seeing different skin colours in her country and, like a child, is looking at her through innocent curiosity. why not give the benefit of the doubt instead of jumping to conclusion that the old lady is a racist?
    Diva has misrepresented Greeks in such a way with her totally paranoid experiences and i am here to bring this sanctimonious Brit down a peg or two…
    By the way, if you doubt the capacity of the UK to take immigrants in, all you have to do is take a train ride from London to manchester and see the hundreds thousands of square miles of rolling English countryside where these people can live and enjoy their lives. We have the jobs, we have the space, we have the resources, and we have the DUTY to give these people a better life because we’ve ruined their countries for many with wars and occupation, or colonised their countries into oblivion and built an Empire on their backs. Time to give a little back…

    Diva, stop demonising Greeks and come back here and do something USEFUL with your time like tackling the horrendous racism we have here in the UK. Greeks are going through enough strife without a holier-than-thou Brit giving them even more grief with her snobbish artsy-fartsy attitude. Stop pretending we’re better than them. We can learn far more from them than they can ever learn from us. Come and sort out the EDL and the rampant racism and Islamophobia in this country before you start trying to educate other people (who are more cultured than us Brits anyway).