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Holiday Time

I am fortunate enough to be able to take a holiday this year. I will be away for just over a week and will not be posting any new articles here until I get back. If you leave a comment, it will automatically go into moderation and I will check it when I return. See you after the break!


  1. Jackson Fletcher
    August 3, 2011    

    The Greek people will be very happy to know that you can afford a holiday Diva………………

    Diva, do you remember when you wanted to leave Greece permanently a while back? You said you had enough of all the racism and lack of jobs, it was all getting too much for you………… Well, the proverbial has really hit the fan for some time now and there is more racism than ever in Greece (according to your posts in here), and the economic crisis means far fewer jobs than ever……This begs the question, what are you doing still staying in Greece?……
    I think you owe all Greeks an apology for that post when you threatened to bail out of their country when the going got tough. You accused their country of basically being a racist dump and you had to take your family to a much nicer place i.e. back to the UK. But when you really thought about it, when you were reminded of the gang culture, the knife crime, the p*ssed up Brit culture, the poor schools and grey depressing climate, you had second thoughts and decided to stay in Greece…………….
    With all it’s faults, with all the economic crises and riots, you still find Greece a better place to raise your son and live-in than our sh*thole of a country. This is the greatest testament to Greece -a country which you bash so much – bankrupt, but still better than Blighty. So, despite all your hatred and disdain for Greece, you still find it a better place than our own country so i’d change the title of your blog to “I wish this was my country” if i were you…………..You should apologise to Greeks for slamming their country all the time and threatening to leave it because of the unnacceptable levels of racism and bigotry in it but then staying there when you actually thought about the alternative. You should apologise for saying their country has become so bad that you can’t live there anymore, because you’re still there even though there is a massive crisis – this says alot about your utter bullshite reasons for wanting to leave… you should apologise to all Greeks for insulting their country and suggesting that it’s not a good enough place to live and bring up a family.

  2. mariakis
    August 6, 2011    

    I now understand your comments Jackson Fletcher. Thanks to PJ (and I read back through lots of comments here and I understand the the Diva is no longer answering the insults that are heaped in her). You are a destructive element and negative element here with a strange grudge against the blog owner. I will be ignoring your comments as well.