The only thing necessary for the persistence of evil is for enough good people to do nothing

The Indignant of Athens

According to some estimates at a certain point on Sunday evening, there were half a million people gathered in Syntagma Square. It marked the 12th day of protests against the corrupt government and its incompetence. Similar protests have been held in major cities throughout the country.

People have had enough. They have had enough of party politics. Enough of being robbed by politicians. Enough of crippling taxes that affect the poorest and least able to pay. Enough of taking pay cuts, losing jobs and pensions. Enough of hospital closures, dilapidated schools, unfinished public works. So much so, that people have been gathering for almost two weeks to let the government know this. Loudly. By shouting and banging saucepans and waving banners that read

We don’t owe, we don’t sell, we don’t pay


You got the disease, we got the solution — revolution

The campaign, styled on the Spanish protests, has been organised almost entirely through Facebook and Twitter and is not affiliated or associated with any political party. It is set to continue indefinately as more people join the social media pages.

I wish to express my complete solidarity with the citizens of Greece who have seriously has enough.

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  1. Jackson Fletcher
    August 8, 2011    

    there are alot of riots in Greece because of the economic problems…meanwhile, in the UK the riots are because of rampant racism which is prevalent among British society..
    And yet, Diva contuniues to bash the Greeks while ignoring what’s happening in her country…THIS IS HER COUNTRY…………………………….………………………..but she’s keeping awfully quiet about it,she prefers to bash the Greeks for being “racist” while her country is burnt to the ground because it’s racist to the core..