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Gay Pride Success




Thousands of Greeks took to the streets of Athens on Saturday to protest against anti-gay prejudice.

Organisers said about 10,000 people took part in this year?s Athens Pride parade, the city’s seventh — twice as many participants as last year.

“As time passes, more and more people are liberated,” spokesman Dimitris Tsampouris told AFP, explaining the increase.

“Kiss me everywhere,” was the slogan of this year?s colorful gay pride parade.

“We chose this slogan because the Greek National Council for Radio and Television (an independent supervising authority) repeatedly penalises stations that show people of the same gender kissing,” Tsampouris said.

“You have to fight for your right in a society that rejects it,” 19-year-old student chef and Pride participant, Nikolas Kokkonis, told AFP.

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