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Neo-Nazis Attack Immigrants

A fatal stabbing on the streets of Athens that was blamed on foreigners, has sparked an upsurge in attacks on immigrants. Anti-immigration sentiment is practically out of control in this particular area of downtown Athens, giving the far-right ample opportunity to gain further support.

Via the Herald Sun

SEVERAL hundred people including neo-Nazis assaulted dozens of immigrants in a working-class part of Athens today after a murder was blamed on foreigners, police said.
Riot police deployed in the Patission district and used tear gas to keep protesters away from a squatter home after the unrest that broke out following the death by stabbing of a man for his video camera.

Shouting “foreigners get out”, the mob earlier attacked immigrants in the street and vandalised at least one foreign-owned shop, police said.

The rampage came after the 44-year-old man was killed early today as he prepared to take his pregnant wife to the maternity hospital.

Three assailants stabbed him as he was getting into his car, police said.

The men, whom witnesses described as foreigners, grabbed the video camera he was carrying to film the birth of his second child.

The murder has reignited claims that police are failing to prevent some parts of Athens from being overrun by drug addicts, prostitutes and illegal immigrants, as well as right-wing vigilantes.

Locals staged a demonstration at the scene of the crime calling for better police protection.

The minister in charge of police expressed his “revulsion” over the murder, but defended the work of the police while calling for a mobilisation of “the entire country” and the city against the problem.


  1. The Verve
    May 12, 2011    

    Truely sad & tragic. It’s not suprising that both locals & tourist are avoiding these districts like the plague, ghettoisation has certainly creeped in and I’m afraid there’s no turning back. I see little choice but for property & business owners to sell up and move to better, more expensive suburbs. If crime continues to spiral out of control and spread further it will only force middle and upper-class neighbourhoods to become even more vigilant in regards to their security. This will result in more burglar bars, higher-walls, electric-fencings, cctv and even entirely closed-off neighbourhoods & housing complexes. This will create an even more insular, divided society thanks to there being human beings around that don’t behave as such.

  2. Soula
    May 12, 2011    

    Says it all

    I hate to say it but the truth is If illegal immigrants feel safe in Greece, they will just keep coming.

    I am furious that this young Greek Father was killed by these thugs…something you do not care about. at all.

    What about our human rights as Greeks to just LIVE and be alive.

  3. Soula
    May 12, 2011    

    Instead of the natives fleeing crime…we should make the criminals flee, all illegal aliens are criminals.

    i.e. they broke the law to get in , thats a crime.

    Asylum Seekers…seek asylum to next closest peaceful country …last time I checked Greece did not border somalia, palestine, Afghanistan etc.

    But Iran, Turkey etc. are not in astate of war and share a similar religion to these people they can just go there and stay there…no they want to go to Greece to get to Sweden or France to get welfare..

    This is all bullshit… I am sick of the killing and raping of my people by International Banking Gangsters, IMF, Globalists, with their mass immigration program anti-white/anti-european genocide program, and illegal migrants, and traitors leaders like Bakoyannis, Papandreou etc.

    Off with their heads.