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Mosque Firebombed in Kallithea

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Via Kathimerini

Vandals spraypaint swastikas onto walls after arson hit which caused no injuries

Unidentified vandals targeted a makeshift mosque in the neighborhood of Kallithea, southern Athens, early on Sunday, smashing the windows before dousing the interior with gasoline and setting it alight. The attack caused no injuries as there had been no one at the site of worship at the time but the damage caused to the premises was significant.

The arsonists also spray-painted swastika symbols on the walls of the mosque.

Reacting to the incident later in the day, the Muslim Union of Greece issued a written statement expressing its “great sorrow” over the incident.

“It is clear that the perpetrators wanted there to be victims and that is tragic,” the statement said.


  1. Dean Marney
    May 10, 2011    

    It’s really sad to see that these Islamophobic attacks are increasing across Europe. Let’s hope that Greece nips it in the bud and it doesn’t reach the levels it’s reached here in the UK. If you go to the Islamphobia Watch website, you’ll find 3 such incidents in Greece compared to 4878 in the UK, let’s hope Greece doesn’t follow the UK’s footsteps…

    Attacks in the UK include arson attacks on mosques, Islamic institutions (like charities), violence against students on campuses or near campuses. Muslim women in the hijab or niqab have been attacked – including removing their head scarves or niqab.

    There are as many as 10 incidents a month of Islamophobic attacks in the UK including verbal abuse, demonising Muslims with such chants as “Osama bin Ladin?,” “You Pakis go home”, “Terrorists” and the like. Even Muslim cemeteries and graves had been vandalised.

    Despite the scale of attacks and abuse, there are very few reports on the issue by UK national media. (According to )

    So, i’m glad these kind of attacks are being reported on in Greece – i hope these attacks don’t reach the ‘epidemic’ levels they’ve reached in the UK.

  2. Soula
    May 11, 2011    

    SAD, But perhaps they were copts reacting to the recent attacks on Churches in Egypt.

  3. Soula
    May 11, 2011    

    Why do you ignore crimes against Hellenes by immigrants.:

    There are no jobs in Greece for Greeks…we do NOT need or want immigrants..since we can not help them.
    if they come here they will resort to crimes as their only choice of survival and will even kill us native Greeks…but of course you do not care about that.


    Man stabbed to death by robbers for his camera
    by (ANA-MPA) 10 May 2011
    (archive photo)
    (archive photo)
    A man was stabbed to death by robbers at dawn on Tuesday in central Athens, apparently to steal his camera.

    The 44-year-old man was attacked as he was taking out his car to take his pregnant wife to hospital to give birth to their second child.

    Police said the man was heading for a car park near his home in the Patissia district when he was attacked by three assailants and suffered at least three stab wounds in the back, hands and neck as he tried to escape.

    The attackers grabbed his camera and fled.

    The victim’s wife and mother-in-law, who were waiting in the couple’s apartment for the man’s return, seeing he was delaying, decided to go down and they found his body.

    The two women suffered a strong shock, and neighbours called for an ambulance to take him to hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

    According to information gathered by police, the perpetrators, still to be arrested, were three dark-skinned men, possibly foreign nationals.

  4. celia jones
    May 12, 2011    

    Soula, are you serious? “copts reacting to the recent attacks on Churches in Egypt” ? This must be a joke comment? In bad taste.