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Another Murder

I have heard very little about this disturbing string of murders in Athens and I can’t help but wonder why. If this was a serial killer or gang  murdering and dismembering Greek people, would it not be front page news?

Via Mail.Com International

Greek police say a woman’s body, wrapped in a plastic bag, has been found near an Athens garbage dump, the sixth discovered there over the past few months.

Authorities said they were waiting for the results of an autopsy Wednesday to determine the cause of death. The body of the woman, believed to be of Asian origin and aged between 25 and 30, was found Tuesday near a recycling plant and landfill northwest of Athens.

The body was the sixth found at the dump since early December. Unlike the others, the woman’s body had not been dismembered.

Police have been investigating a possible connection with migrant-smuggling gangs. Greece is the main gateway for illegal migrants entering the European Union.


  1. Dean Marney
    April 28, 2011    

    I did a quick search and found the story here:

    Maybe you’re being a little unfair in portraying the Greek media as not botherng to publish crtimes against foreigners? It’s only been a day since the body was discovered and i’m sure the printed media will feature it (it’s already in the Greek online media). What’s the press like in Greece – it’s not restricted in any way is it?

  2. deviousdiva
    April 28, 2011    

    If you notice on the story you found, this is the sixth body that was found in the past few days. There have been five others over the past three or four months. All people of Asian or African origin. And there has been very little about it in the press anywhere…

  3. Dean Marney
    April 28, 2011    

    I don’t understand the point you’re making. The story i posted was a report on the sixth body.
    The reports about the other bodies were also reported on:

    Dismembered body discovered in landfill

    Two bodies found at landfill

    That’s just after a few clicks – i’m sure you’ll find reports of these terrible murders in the Greek media.

    It’s clear that these ghastly murders are being reported in the Greek media, the problem now is to identify who the killer(s) is/are.

    But i’ve just found you the story in the Greek media – why are you insisting that there has been little written about it? I’m sure the Greek media reported on the oither five murders as they reported on this one.

  4. tass55
    April 28, 2011    

    If you only knew what you were talking about. There has been hardly anything in the press here. Only the few lines you pointed out from the same english language newspaper. It’s one of the only ones that covers the same issues as the diva.

  5. Dean Marney
    April 29, 2011    

    Unfortunately, i can’t read Greek so i cannot verify if this story is covered in Greek language newspapers.
    But i think that it’s very commendable that country has a press which publishes news in a foreign language (English). It’s also impressive that the Greek press was quick enough to publish this story in a foreign language on the day after it happened like in the above example. This makes me believe that the Greek press is working in an efficient and reliable way – the indications are that you are wrong to suggest that the Greek media “ignores the stories which involves murders of foreigners”.

    In fact, i just used translator and found the story in Greek here:

    it was the first place i searched and i’m sure that it can be found in other Greek media outlets. It was published a day before deviousdiva’s thread i.e. the day after the body was discovered which suggests a very reliable and up to date news delivery in Greece. It certainly suggests you and deviousdiva got it wrong over the suggestion that Greek media has published “hardly anything” about it.

    It’s also reported in this newsparer:

    and probably many other newspapers if you can be bothered to look….

  6. tass55
    April 29, 2011    

    No, unfortunately you can’t read Greek so you really don’t know what has been reported here. I am Greek and I have been following this news. The papers you link to have just printed the AP article which is about 5 sentences and there has been almost nothing about the fact that this is a series of gruesome murders that have happened over the past few months. The diva is right. If this was Greek people being murdered and chopped up, it would be front page news, not four or five lines on page 6.

  7. Dean Marney
    April 29, 2011    

    The news has been reported. Whatever way you wish to read it is up to you.
    I think you’re both being a bit unfair and a little paranoid if i may say so. There is no conspiracy to keep this kind of news away from the mainstream media. If there was, you wouldn’t be able to read it in Greek media outlets. The fact is, it was plastered all over Greek online media, as i’ve demonstrated, and is probably found in printed media in greater detail. Your original allegations that “it’s hardly been reported” have been proved incorrect.

    (By the way, when British police found a series of dismembered bodies in suitcases across Central London, it did not make the “front page” in newspapers in the UK. These stories seldom make the front page unless it’s in smaller local newspapers. Things like the economy, wars, terrorism. political issues usually take precedence over social stories and crime in the main newspapers).

  8. Dean Marney
    April 29, 2011    

    And to prove the point that Greek murders are reported in the same way, there is an aarticle in the same newspaper about a greek kiosk owner being gunned down by Kalashnikov-wielding assailants during a robbery. It was not on the front page either. Policitcal issues, the economy and a terrorist bomb planted outside the tax office took precedence on that day.

    Also, the series of killings at Ano Liossia was reported on the 11th of April on both SKAI TV and Radio as reported in this article:

    The above article also states that the Police have not released further details to the public because it may obviously hinder investigations. You can sort of understand why there haven’t been more details released to the press.

    So, i think you and the diva are being a little unfair.

  9. rebecca
    September 30, 2011    

    if the greece media needs more than a day to publish news like that, i think the media might as well not exist.