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Humanitarian Crisis

Via Kathimerini

Migrants’ human rights ‘violated’ at reception centers

Ombudsman says that authorities have not made use of EU funds

Human rights experts say that conditions at centers in northeastern Greece have to be improved.

The Ombudsman has asked to meet with government and police officials to discuss the conditions that undocumented migrants are being kept in northeastern Greece after describing their plight as a “humanitarian crisis”.


Representatives from the citizens’ watchdog and Greece’s National Committee for Human Rights recently conducted visits to the reception centers in Evros and Rodopi and has demanded that authorities take immediate action to improve conditions.


“The seriousness of the situation requires an equivalent response,” the Ombudsman said in its report. “There is an issue of fundamental human rights being violated and this is mainly down to the abhorrent detention conditions, the lack of police personnel and the failure to promptly take measures that have been approved and funded by the European Union.”


The Ombudsman and the human rights committee said they would be sending their proposals to the government.


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