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Important Warning

The Greek Council for Refugees has issued the following warning about people being asked to pay money for services which are free. This includes asylum applications, pink card renewals and referrals from the GCR.

Specifically, it was reported to us that some people seek money from asylum seekers in order to get them in touch with our organization.It was also reported that some appear as members of our organization and ask for money to provide services to asylum seekers or sell various referral documents, which have a photocopy of the logo of our organization.
We would like to inform you that you have to be very careful and NOT receive services from these people. If someone asks you for money, then he/she is certainly not a member of GCR. ALL services of GCR are FREE and none of our employees will ever ask you for money. Also, the GCR, does no longer give to asylum seekers any referral note to the police, so if someone is trying to sell you any document with the GCR logo, the document is fake.
You should generally be aware that in your dealings with the Police (Aliens Department) you do not need to pay money or to pay a fee (e.g. for filing an asylum application, receiving pink card renewal, the deposit action, etc.). So you have no reason to pay any money to anyone who states that money is required from the police or the GCR for these actions.

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