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Anti-Semitic Remarks From Mikis Theodorakis


Mikis Theodorakis, the Greek composer who wrote the music for the film “Zorba the Greek,” said in a television interview that he is an “anti-Semite and anti-Zionist.”

Theodorakis, 86, a hero in Greece, also said in the interview on Greece’s High channel that “everything that happens today in the world has to do with the Zionists.” He added that “American Jews are behind the world economic crisis that has hit Greece also.”

The composer, a member of the Greek Communist Party for 60 years, once was a supporter of Israel but gradually became a major critic. He has gone from criticizing Israel to making anti-Semitic remarks and holding anti-Semitic positions.

In 2003, Theodorakis declared that “Jews are at the root of all evil.” When the Greek Jewish community reacted strongly to his statement he apologized, but nothing really changed.

Oddly, during the television interview he said that “I’m an anti-Semite but I love Jews.”

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  1. Dean Marney
    February 13, 2011    

    Has a survey ever been done on the views of the thousands of Muslim immigrants in Greece on the subject of Israel and the Jews? I don’t think the immigrant Afghans, the Pakistanis, the Iranians, the Iraqis will have very good things to say about the Jews.
    Do you know if this has been researched at all? I’m only asking this because of the increase in anti-semitic attacks lately in Europe (which just happens to coincide with the increase of immigration from muslim countries).

  2. James
    March 4, 2011    

    I would like to point out some facts about Greek society in general; previous to WW2 there was a huge population of Jews in Greece, with some 50,000 being killed in Salonika alone. I don’t believe that there is an anti-semitic movement in Greece, however, there is an anti-zionist one… To make it clear, people in general are not so much against Jews as much as Israeli people, and even more specific, the government of Israel and its attitude on international matters.
    People in Greece are not known for being racists, but because there is this close tie between Jews and Israel, things can become mixed. Jewish people are a very numerous people, whereas Israel is a country constructed after WW2, with all the implications that has caused in the region ever since. Because people in Greece are, in general again, against any military action, war affairs taken over the years by Americans and Israelis has built this negative notion against the countries – and in many cases, against their people, in a form common between nations, like the dislike French and English have against each other.
    I think those statements demonstrate just that; I’ll be the first to admit that the political and societal views of Theodorakis come into contradiction to my own, but I think that those statements show the mixed view of Israel by Greek people; we do believe that Israeli people (those with the power) are the puppeteers of the world and sometimes we mix Jews in general, with Israel… thus the confusion.
    It is important to remember that being a Jew nowadays hardly ties you to Israel – going into details over this is another subject by itself, so I won’t.
    Finally, the anti-semitic movement that shows itself in the press and terrorist actions, is I believe, on the one hand a product of the low level of journalistic ethics and professional standards of greek journalists today, and on the other a product of people who should never be taken into consideration as a part of a society.

  3. Dean Marney
    March 5, 2011    

    If you ask the 300 hunger strikers and the hundreds of thousands of muslim immgrants in Greece what they think of Israel, their views would pretty much echo that of micky theodrakis. (In some cases, their views would probably be much worse).
    Does that mean we should label them as ‘anti-semites’ too? Or do they get special dispensation because they are immigrants?