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Reactions to Bishop's Rants

The anti-semitic and anti-muslim  rant of the bishop of Piraeus has been condemned by the European Jewish Congress, the Muslim Union of Greece, the government and now, by the church itself.

Via the Washington Post

Greece’s Orthodox church has rejected disparaging comments about Muslims and Jews by a senior cleric that sparked protests from representatives of both faiths.

A statement by the church governing body, the Holy Synod, condemned “any form of racial and religious discrimination.”

Serapheim, bishop of Piraeus, described Islam as “a catastrophic worship” that is incompatible with Greece’s constitution. He also blamed Greece’s financial crisis on Zionist machinations.

Serapheim also urged the government to scrap the planned construction of a mosque in Athens for the city’s growing Muslim population.

Wednesday’s statement said that while bishops have the right to express their views they “also bear the burden of proving them.”

It remains to be seen whether he will be removed from office…

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