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Fascists Clash With Immigrants

Via Al Jazeera English

For the many migrants who live in the centre of Athens, nightfall brings fear of violence.

More immigrants are coming all the time, even as the Greek economy gets worse. With the government seemingly powerless, the jarring clash of cultures is easy for extremists to exploit.

In last month’s local elections, a far-right party won a seat on the city council in Athens for the first time.

And as Al Jazeera’s Barnaby Phillips reports, tension has been building ever since.


  1. Magnolia
    December 7, 2010    

    Why don’t they aloud these people to live in this country without fear? What are Greeks fright of? Maybe they take jobs from greeks?

  2. Mia
    December 14, 2010    

    Cultural clash? This is such a pity when the average Greek has more in common culture-wise with a Middle Easterner, an Iranian, an Afgani or a Somali than with a Dane or a Brit, I think.