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The Battle for Attica Square

On September 21st 2010, for the first time ever, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), also known as the United Nations Refugee Agency, described a European Union country’s treatment of refugees as a “humanitarian crisis”. That country is Greece. On September 23rd, I wrote about the escalation of violent racist attacks on refugees in downtown Athens. Since that time, the situation has deteriorated to the point that vigilante groups of “concerned citizens of Athens”, aligned with neo-Nazi and fascists, have occupied some of the squares and are driving away the refugees by attacking and beating them. Several people have been hospitalised including children. For regular updates on the situation in the squares, please go to The Jungle of Athens. Yesterday, the police attacked a group of Afghan refugees after a solidarity demonstration in Attiki square.

Yesterday evening, I watched a video called “The Battle for Attica Square” distributed by Journeyman Pictures

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You have to go to YouTube to watch it because the embed facility has been disabled but you can share it on all the social networking sites. I urge you all to go and watch the video in its entirety and then pass it on in whatever way you can. It shows the reality of the situation that large numbers of refugees are living in here in Greece. From people dying on the border and being buried in unmarked graves on what looks like a building site, to squalid overcrowded prisons, to being homeless and without papers or support in downtown Athens and finally, to being hounded and attacked by anti-immigration thugs. It is shocking. Heartbreaking, made even more so because children are caught up in this horror. I don’t know what else to say… there are no words to describe how I feel about what is happening on my doorstep. Just go and watch the video and let the world know what is happening in this European country in 2010.

[Please note: The 400+ comments that follow the video should be read with caution. I have seen far worse, even here on my blog, but en masse they make disturbing reading. It’s mostly just a jumble of the usual lame excuses, cries of “we’re not as bad as some places”, accusations of Turkish propaganda and some “Bravos” and pats on the back thrown in for good measures. If you are not feeling particularly strong today, skip reading them]

The Battle for Attica Square distributed by Journeyman Pictures


  1. Pompous hypocrite
    October 28, 2010    

    Who the fuck are you? Are you stupid?
    “The 400+ comments that follow the video should be read with caution”
    You should have said you never read them because you don’t give a rat’s ass about what Greeks believe.
    How democratic of you. Poor excuses, blah, blah blah
    You may have confused Greece with the United States or Canada or Germany.
    You may have missed the fact that more that 3 million illegal immigrants roam freely inside Greece and do as they wish.

  2. Alex
    April 29, 2011    

    The problem is that EU don’t take any of this refuges is very sad that EU don’t share the refuges, please also note that most of this people are coming from countries in War with US,UK,NL,IT,GER and many more…and Greece is not involved with with wars.

    So we are talking about a system that is not working this is the reality:

    British-Americans-Dutch and other western countries attack Iraq, Afghanistan, people of this countries are coming to Europe for a better life and they cross in to Greece that has no job or anything to offer and the refuges are coming to Greece just to cross to the north-central european countries, and EU don’t allow them to come over so they are stuck in Greece…..Because thats the law (they have to stop in the last country they entered) 90% of them are coming from Turkey but Turkey don’t have to follow the law (they haven’t sight) so the refuges don’t have to go back to Turkey.

    EU don’t give any support to this refuges and specially the countries that are responsible for this refuges (America,UK,NL,Germ and many more)