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Refugees on Tilos

Chris Benfield is a journalist for the Yorkshire Post who recently wrote an article to the editor of Kathimerini. While on holiday in Tilos, he witnessed the arrival of refugees onto the island.

Unnoticed by the slightly tipsy tourists, a handsome yacht flying a Turkish flag was slipping into Tholos Bay, next door. It would not have been an unusual sight anyway. Turkish boats are part of the Aegean Islands’ touring industry. But this one stayed. Did it beach or was it scuppered? The difficulty of proving either is just one of the complications the lawyers will now be considering. Anyway, the crew were picked up by another Turkish boat and 123 people were left on the beach, under the thorny mountains of Tilos, with a story that they had been heading for Italy. Like everything else they said, nobody knew what was truth and what was script. But it was clear they had gambled everything on a very long shot at a new life.

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  1. Graham Taylor
    September 15, 2014    

    My wife and I are currently on Tilos, and more than 100 Afghans and Syrians have been dumped by people smugglers in the last couple of days. They thought they were in Italy, but no the smugglers sailed round for a few hours, then deposited them here, telling them they were in Italy
    Why don’t the Greek navy wait for them, and confiscate the boat?

  2. deviousdiva
    September 15, 2014    

    Thank you for writing. Have the coastguard been notified of this?