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Blog Update

There have been some major changes at THIS IS NOT MY COUNTRY over the past few days. I have moved to a new server and I am running my site myself! This might not sound like a great achievement but believe me, it is. I love a technical challenge and I have learned a lot over the years with continuous generous support from my friend vegankid. Now I’m striking out on my own, delving into databases and trying not to break my blog into thousands of little pieces. The recent hacking attack taught me one great lesson. Take control of your work and learn how to safeguard yourself so that you don’t have to rely on other people’s good will. And don’t have to ask them to interrupt their own busy lives to fix yours.

The love of my life made me this spanking new template which I adore. He is now offering custom wordpress or blogger templates for you. Just email me from the contact page and we can talk details. More details on that in the near future…

You will notice that my images are missing at the moment. I will be correcting this very soon.

I am working on my links page at the moment. I had not been though my blogroll for about two years (sorry!) and I found that sadly, lots of links are dead or people have moved. I have removed everyone who has not updated in the past 3 months. Please, please, please, leave a comment on the links page if you have either moved or you have a blog or website that would be of interest to readers here. It doesn’t have to be a political or news blog, just anyone who shares a common vision of the world. I am particularly interested in artists who are working in the field of human rights or anti-racism, feminism, Roma rights etc. Just send me your link and I’ll take a look. Thank you so much.

My book will be delayed by a few weeks. This is for a couple of reasons. One is that this blog needs to be working correctly before I launch anything at all. The ecommerce part of it is a little tricky but will be ready soon. I am also waiting on a couple of leads that are important to follow up on. I am also including more material because I want to make the book relevant outside the context of the blog.

So that’s it for now, people. I will keep you updated as always and thank you for your patience and support while I’m implementing these changes.

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