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Racist Attacks in Athens

There have been a string of violent attacks against immigrants in the Aghios Panteleimonas area of Athens. Racist attacks in this area of the city have been escalating for some time. A year ago there was an organised demonstration of “concerned citizens” against immigrants and the situation has been deteriorating ever since. Not that it even started there. Anti-immigrant sentiment has been growing for years now. If you are interested, you can read back over 5 years worth of articles just on this blog.

Via Kathimerini

Immigrant aid worker beaten

An Afghan translator working for the Doctors of the World aid group in Athens was in the hospital yesterday with serious injuries after being attacked on Saturday by a group of around 20 people and “beaten senseless,” the organization said in a statement yesterday.

The NGO said the attack on Qadir Hussaini was part of a “systematic pogrom” against immigrants in Aghios Panteleimonas, a district of Athens with a burgeoning immigrant population. “We are particularly concerned to see racist attacks from ‘enraged citizens’ multiply,” the group said in a statement. “Basically the message is that anyone out in the streets after 8 p.m. is in danger of being attacked,” the organization’s local chairman, Nikitas Kanakis, told private television channel Mega. In an interview with the Eleftherotypia daily published yesterday, Hussaini said he was struck on the head and body by a large group of assailants wielding crowbars and passed out.

On Friday, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees expressed

deep concern over the increase in incidents of racist violence, targeting refugees and migrants, that in turn fuel social tension. Indicative is the case of Ayios Panteleimonas in Athens, where attacks against foreigners and clashes have created a critical environment of social unrest that also affects the local population

The UNHCR has urged the authorities to investigate the attacks and to prevent future violence. There was a demonstration today in the area in solidarity with the immigrants who are living in this nightmare. I will try and get more information about what is happening and update you as soon as I know anything.


  1. kat
    September 24, 2010    

    I don’t know if you’re interested or not, but this story is about the City of Athens granting permission for the African Women’s Festival, then revoking it three hours later.

    All best.

  2. September 24, 2010    

    Nice work!
    Nice blog, Nice people. We’ll be in touch…

  3. kstat
    September 27, 2010    

    Anti immigrant sentiment has been growing because immigrants have turned locals everyday life into living hell.Crime has skyrocketed,whole neighboors in central Athens have turned into ghettos.But i don’t expect you to acknoledge any of this,it’s the racist greeks who are at fault,there is no problem at all with hundrends of thousands illegals swamping the country.

  4. The Verve
    October 7, 2010    

    I wonder why the UNHCR doesn’t speak up when the ever-sainted refugees do unsaintly things like assault, rob & murder the locals both in Greece and other EU states…..or is this ok because they’re just nasty racists who deserve what they get. Would the UNHCR and “other concerned citizens” also be so kind to explain to the migrants what their future would be like once they gain Greek citizenship. You know, the bit that every citizen of HELLas now owes a whopping $ 250 000+ thanks to the bailouts. I’m sure the average mirgrant contemplating citizenship would be thrilled to know that they too will have the privilege of paying off a massive debt for the rest of their lifetimes. Strange isn’t it how the ever-concerned, loving, caring bodies like the UNHCR and other pious souls can’t stomach to tell migrants the truth, that is a future of debt-slavery.